Giveaway: RecTeq ICER 45 QT Cooler


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Thank you so much, Mike! It arrived, and Mike was kind enough to time it to arrive on my birthday 😁!!

AND…Mike even sent me an extra surprise- a very nice ICER tumbler! Thank you so much!!

And now, for the barrage of photos…

Me, With My New Cooler And Tumbler
View attachment 15026

The Inside
(No, Those Are Not Blood Stains, Jigsaw)
View attachment 15027

Children Are Best Stored Elsewhere
View attachment 15028

The Top
View attachment 15029

The Bottom, Complete With Sturdy, Non-Skid Feet

There Are Two Bottle Openers On The Right And Left
View attachment 15031

The Wall Thickness Appears To Be 1 1/2”
View attachment 15032

It Appears To Hold 50 Bottles of Mic Ultra- Will Verify 😁
View attachment 15033

I tried to take pics that weren’t on the website, but if anyone wants anything else, let me know.

Also, a review was requested, so I’m going to follow up with some America’s Test Kitchen Tests this week (minus throwing it out of my SUV 5 times and sawing it in half 😁).

Thank you again so much for the generous prizes, Mike! And thank you all for a great time with all of your posts!


Happy Birthday!!

Awesome cooler there!


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It appears that you're a little malnourished. Might i suggest some meat on those bones. Don't play with it!


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@IPlayWithMeat please remember this is a family website, might want to put some clothes on next time. :D ;)

I love how that red, white and blue turned out on that cooler. Now I just need to convince the wife I really need another cooler. :D
Please forgive me, @Mike ! Is this better?


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