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Hey Paul:
It isn't always you or your method
Sometimes it's the Brisket
it's fun to try new things / ways though
But remember: only change one thig at a time
Have a safe Turkey Day
So seasoned up a butt last night, went on a date, came home watched a movie with the wife. Today I got her on, gonna try top shelf with a waterpan see how that goes. Should be fine pork is damn forgiving and smoker should be way better seasoned than first smoke. View attachment 20660
Why didn't you take the wife on your date so she could drive 🤔
Went a little hot n fast on the boston butt, 180 for an hr 225 for 5 hrs. Wrapped and bumped to 300 for 2.5 hrs. internal temp 205. Jiggling just how i like it and now resting. Basted after the first 2 hrs with a mop of apple cider vinegar, Texas Pete, balsmic vinegar, oil, a good heap of the rub (used Rufus Teague, which for store bought is solid) and a dab of cayenne about every 45-60 mins as I remembered cuz football and Call of Duty all day.
Glad you are getting the results you desire. We think alike, this was part of my Friendsgiving (Friday) cook. The Brisket was American Wagyu at ~23lbs and the butts were ~9lbs each. The Turkey was ~17lb but I used the gasser’s rotisserie instead of putting the large shelf in the smoker.




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