Did 2 briskets as the second cook on the 2500

Hai Nguyen

Grill(s) owned
BFG, WyldSide, RT-680
Placed the 18 lb on the bottom left middle of the grill and the 15 lb on the bottom right middle of the grill.
For sure the the middle part of the grill gets the most heat.

  • Dry rubbed huffer dust on both.
  • 225 and put both in @ 5:15pm
  • Pulled out to foil @ 6am.
    • I woke up too late and pulled them 175 and 180 instead of 165... That was a mistake.
  • Pulled the smaller one hit 200 @ 11am.
  • The bigger one seemed to take longer
    • The electric company came in at 10am to turn off my power for 45 minutes due to maintenance... pretty sure messed with the temperature and consistency.
    • Thermometer I think was off. (Maybe need to calibrate it some more).
  • Pulled the bigger on out @ 4:30pm.
Overall the briskets were loved but more dry than the other ones I have made.

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