Costco Pork Butt Rant.

If you add enough string you can tie anything up, lol. Being on the hacksaw butcher.

I’m surprised it’s taking 10+ hours to cook when butterflied. But that’s a beautiful piece of meat.

I tied the last butts I bought from Costco. I’m not good at tying meats. Ugh. I’m going back to my butcher shop or Publix for my bone-in butts.
10 hours at "LO", opened-up to set the Bark
April '23 Pork Butt 3.JPG

And, I don't tie them
I just wrap them tight in the Foil along with the Smoked Lard
Sorry if I missed this but where do you get the smoked lard from? Are you making it yourself?
Sorry if I missed this but where do you get the smoked lard from? Are you making it yourself?
I buy lard, both beef and pork, on Amazon. To smoke it simply put some in a tim pan and set it in the smoker for 4 hours or so. I stir it every 45-60 minutes while smoking it. When you are done let it cool down and put it in a glass or plastic container to store it.
I grabbed two boneless pork butts (shoulders) at Costco for pulled pork. I like getting more bark/lb and was reaching out to get some ideas. Thanx to DenStinett and Jim6820 for their input.

At the end of the day in order to get more bark and a faster cook I decided to slice the 8lb butts into sorta equal ~2.5" slices which gave me six "roasts".

In the pictures below the "porcupine" appearance is from the 4.5" bamboo cocktail skewers holding together the area where the bone was removed from the butt. Used my trusty brisket slicer for slicing the butts.

Saturday afternoon coated the roasts with flaked Kosher salt and put them in fridge covered for 10hrs.
Coated them liberally w/ Meathead's "Memphis Rub" and put them on the RT 590 at LO with two smoke tubes at about 023hrs. Went to bed.

Woke up at 0600, reached over to phone on night stand, raised the temp to 225F on RecTeq app and went back to sleep.

Started taking the smaller roasts off at 1300 hrs and the last at 1400 hrs when they were about 203F and probe tender.

Since company coming for dinner weren't arriving until 1700 I wrapped each roast in foil and put them in a covered roasting pan in a ~ 170F warming oven.

Dinner time unwrapped and pulled the roasts. They were moist and tender and the pulled pork had lots of bark bits.

Mighty tasty.

Start 0230 hrs.jpg
Finished 1300 hrs 2.jpg
Ready to pull.jpg
Dinner time Lots of bark.jpg

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