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Nice find at Costco this morning !



The SRF Wagyo corned beef usually arrives at Costco around this time of year in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. It is usually available for a month or two at most Costco stores.

I have found it to be excellent and still have 2 in the freezer that I need to get out. They will be smoked a la pastrami.
What does one do with a 9 lb pastrami? That’s a lot of Ruben’s.
I'll chime on on the pastrami from the SRF corned beef. It's actually a really easy process. Take the corned beef and soak in clean water for a day in the fridge. You may want to do a water change part of the way through. Mix up a pastrami rub like this one which has worked out well for me with very few tweaks. It helps to have a spice grinder.

Smoke away low and slow (I usually pretty much do everything at 200 - 225) until probe tender. I seem to be where I want it at around 195 - 200 internal temp.

Ironically, buying the SRF corned beef at Costco is a fraction of the price if you order directly from them online.

I do like corning my own beef, but that's a weeklong process and SRF produced a very good product ready to go.

I'm definitely planning on stocking up this year.
What does one do with a 9 lb pastrami? That’s a lot of Ruben’s.
I have been surprised how fast it goes. I do usually slice, vacuum seal, and freeze a portion.

I'll stop here, because this is right about the time last year that I started eyeballing new meat slicers thanks to our resident group of enablers.
I just used my last two from last year to make Pastrami. My wife complained that it didn’t seem like much compared to what I started with. The Costco wagyu corned beef shrinks quite a bit during the smoking. But as the other guys have said you just vacuum seal in useable batches. Here’s a couple photos from a previous cook.

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