Calibrate grill temp probe?


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Anyone have to calibrate the temp sensor on a 680? Fired it up last night and my fireboard was telling me it was 200 when I had it set at 225. I bumped it up to 250, and fireboard told me 225. What's weird is that flipping between 'actual' and 'set' temps, the actual would jump if I changed the set. Like 8-10 degrees. Just the act of changing the set would make the actual temp display change drastically. Anyone else notice this? Or have a problem with the grill temp not being right? I'm pretty sure my fireboard was accurate.
I also noticed 'extreme smoke' didn't cycle the fan like I normally hear it do. So.... idk... I'm just worried about my controller now.
Maybe I just need to clean the built in probe - is that a thing? I've had my 680 for a year now and never really had any problems.
I have noticed on my 340 tempertures suddenly start climbing way above the set temperature then sometimes it drops back and sometimes it has to be manually adjusted by changing temperture then setting it back to the original setting. durnig the summer it won't hold temperature which should not be an issue. The A & B temperature probes don't agree with my Hypertherm probe readings. I suspect the software may need an upgrade to fix a glitch but to determine what is wrong will take more messing with it than I am willing to do. may get an external probe with wifi to use instead.


Mine shows 10 degrees higher than actual. just bought an oven thermometer to check the digital. is there a way to calibrate the controller

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