Best Multi-Probe Thermometer for a 680


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I was able to pick up a used 680 and join the RecTeq family right before Christmas...I'm now in the market for a multi-probe thermometer that I can use to monitor my cook and the ambient temperature. My only criteria is it has to be able to set off an alarm if the ambient temp drops below a set point (I've had issues with my old smoker dying in the middle of the night and losing temp...don't want want to have to deal with that again), and would like at least 3 meat probes. Can you guys give me some suggestions?

I've looked at Grilleye Pro+, Smoke X and InkBird...I'm clueless and need some help!

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Bull
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No doubt the above recommendations are spot on and strong contenders. If I was in the market today they would be a the top of my list.

Before I got my Bull I purchased this and honestly have been very pleased for the price. You can set alarms on all probes and one has a dedicated ambient probe. The good thing is you should not have to worry about the issues any longer with the Recteq. Good luck with your decision.


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  1. RT-680
I have the Thermoworks Smoke,,, Dot and Chef alarm,,, I have found them to be well built,,, spot on accurate,,, and easy to use... I have tried others and always go back to my trusted Thermoworks...

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