B380 ?s

Grill(s) owned
  1. Bull
New owner here got a few ? Been doing some searches online.
1. Who got good videos for just basics use like firing it up and troubleshooting
2 my old pellet grill had a reverse feature when jammed how do I do it on this one
3 how do I prime the line?
4 how do I clean out pellets in the auger

I’m doing a smoker swap. Swapping one of my grills I don’t use with a really nice shape b380. I was about to drop coin on a 700 but did a straight up swap for this one
Here you go. YouTube has a bunch of stuff too. Just search on RT B380, Recteq Bullseye etc…
I’m a b380 owner of 3 years.
1. I don’t have any videos
2. Im not aware of a reverse feature
3. I just adds pellets to the hopper box and put a small handful in the fire pot over the igniter.
4. I shop vac my fire pot every 5-7 cooks. I’ve never removed pellets from the hopper.

I do mostly spatchcock chicken, country style pork ribs, pork steaks, baby back ribs, 1/2 brisket. It’s not really a long cook grill but I like it. I’ve tried steaks a couple times but rather my gas grill for those. I’ve had a minor issue with start up sometimes but generally works good. When it doesn’t want to start, I just start the pellets in the flare pot with a propane burner.

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