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Before downsizing to a smaller home 10 years ago we had a deck with an island that had a built in BBQ and Wok Burner. My wife has missed the Wok burner so when I saw the Matador I got it for her. The only thing missing was the automatic ignitor that was part of the BBQ and the Wok Burner. So I decided to see if I could add one to the Matador without any modifications to the Matador itself. Some stainless bar stock, a couple 24 gauge 3-1/2” square stainless plates, some stainless screws and spacer and an automatic igniter kit from Amazon, cutting and drilling holes in the stainless bar stock and the stainless plates as well as punching a 7/8” hole in the stainless plates for the igniter button and here is what I came up with. Works great. It ignites the outer burner ring which ignites the inner ring. D82A63C2-8975-474E-8BCA-79E5A66E4480.jpeg D754B2AC-EB80-4B4B-9BB7-7CDF0CC3A704.jpeg F5C0EF47-1255-4696-B004-31B549AC10CD.jpeg
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