1. chuckmcgrup

    Power source while camping

    My Trailblazer is on the way and I want to take it camping. What do you use for a power source? Any tips or issues that you suggest would help someone taking a smoker camping for the first time? I will most likely be in a tent, maybe a pop-up camper. Thanks!
  2. art_gasses

    RT-340 Out For Delivery

    Ordered the RT-340 Platinum Package this past Friday and it’s already scheduled and out for delivery today. Can’t wait to test it out for the SEC Championship game Saturday. Go Dawgs!
  3. Bytor

    Proper heat distribution

    So, I made some burgers on the smoker this evening. I made 6 burgers from 82/20 that were 4 oz and about 3-1/2" each. I had the smoker set to 500 and placed the patties on the grill. After 4 minutes I checked them and the two on the right side were well cooked and were set. The two on the...
  4. Maroon87

    Need advice, will a turkey fit in the RecTec Trailblazer?

    Hey all, I am new to Rec Tec and need some help. What am I going to tell my wife when my new RT-340 arrives on my doorstep? Creative suggestions welcomed. :) Also, can I smoke a whole 16lb turkey or do I need to spatchcock it to fit? Thanks!!!
  5. M

    How to Make RT-340 as short as possible

    Hi, I'm a GMG DC owner, and a Bull owner.. I want to replace my DC, but the RT-340 is too tall in height for my needs. I'd like to get it under the tonneau cover on my pickup during the winter months here in MN. I'm wondering if there is a minimum height mod on the rt-340 that I can do to run...
  6. J

    Chamber temp vs set / measured temp.

    New Trailblazer RT-340 owner here. I've had this smoker for about 2 months and cooked a few meals at hotter temperatures with great results. Some of the cook times were a little long but I chalked it up to just learning the quirks of this pellet grill. Over the holiday, I tried to cook my...
  7. S

    What to put on hot handles

    Hi there. Is there anything to put on the handles so you can open it without gloves?
  8. A

    Need to smoke 3 brisket for Saturday

    Hi, I need to smoke 3-15 lb briskets for Grad party Saturday. I can only do 1 at a time on Trailblazer. I plan on last on starting Friday night @ 11:00 pm, wrap and in cooler to set for a few hours. Question is how to do other 2 and have ready by 5:00 dinner on Saturday. Thanks in advance.
  9. H

    340 size

    I'm going to get a new grill but am struggling about size. While I'd love the Bull, I don't know that I'd ever take advantage of the size. Mostly, I'm smoking for myself and occasionally my wife or daughter. I currently have a cookshack electric but would really like a Rec tec pellet. I'm...
  10. S

    Bottom shelf on the Trailblazer

    Hello everyone. I bought the bottom shelf for my new Trailblazer and the darn thing looks like its too long to fit. I talked to Travis at Rec Tec and he said you just have to force it. Has anyone else installed one of these and did you have to really force it to get it to fit?
  11. flh69

    Trailblazer wheel mod

    Needed Material 2-- tires from HF 2-- pieces of 5/8 round bar a little longer than the hub you are going to use. Drill a 5/16 hole thru. 2-- M6-1.0 x 2 inch long bolts Washers 2-- 5/16 bolts 3 inches long 2-- 1/4-28 threaded bolts Several 5/16 inch flat washers 2--- 5/16 lock nuts 2-- pieces of...
  12. swansear

    First time

    reverse seared a NY strip, using sear grates. turned out great.
  13. N

    First Time Suggestions

    Thanks for adding me! Our new Trailblazer should be here Thursday and I'm looking for suggestions (with recipe) for a first effort. I'd be most appreciative of any Do's and Don'ts the voice of experience has to offer. The process seems pretty straight forward but I'm sure some of you have an "I...
  14. J

    Are there any Rec Tec Trailblazer owners in southern MN?

    I'm contemplating the purchase of a TrailBlazer, but would like to see one in person first rather than buying from a picture. Are there any Trailblazer owners in southern MN that would let me take a look at their TrailBlazer?
  15. Mike

    Rec Tec Trailblazer User Manual

    Rec Tec RT-340 Trailblazer Manual User Manual (mirror) Rec Tec Trailblazer