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    Problems with the Rec Teq cover 340

    Thank you for the info. I checked and the closest Nexgrill cover I see currently is one that is 42w x 20d x 28h. I was hoping to find one that wen to the ground, but the more I think about it, that probably doesn't really matter as long as the grill itself gets protected. I'll pick...
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    Shelf for Rec Tec Trailblazer

    It is the 18 gauge and for me it is more than sufficient. There is no flex in the shelf at all.
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    Shelf for Rec Tec Trailblazer

    Just finished my front shelf for the 340. Used 12" folding shelf brackets from Amazon. Used 12X24 SS shelf from Webrestaurantstore. Worked out pretty well. While I have no intention of needing to collapse the legs for transport, I do not believe that the placement of the screws will interfere...
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    Cover for RT-340 Disappointing

    When the time does come to replace my 340 cover, I will go with one of the sites that do custom covers. There is really nothing stock that will fit and be of good quality. Just my thoughts.
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    Cover for RT-340 Disappointing

    Thanks. I'll check it out.
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    Cover for RT-340 Disappointing

    I am in AZ so the sun is brutal on most all covers. That said, I put silicone corner guards on the hopper lid as without there would have been tears after the second use. The two top lid guards/supports appear might be an area that is going to be a problem. I have covered the tops of them with...
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    Cover for RT-340 Disappointing

    I have a new RT-340 which I just love. I also got the Rec Tec fitted cover. Based on the wear I am seeing in just 2 months of use, the cover will not likely last an entire season. Has anyone found a suitable cover alternative for the Rt-340?
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    Shelf for Rec Tec Trailblazer

    Starting to gather the components to copy what you did. Looks great. 2 Questions if you don't mind. Do you find that the 1/16th thickness on the diamond plate is sufficient? And second, did you round the front corners or did you purchase the plate like that? If you did it yourself, how did you...
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    Shelf for Rec Tec Trailblazer

    Great looking mod. I was just wondering if the 1/16th in diamond plate is of sufficient thickness to provide a surface that is sturdy and without any flex. Thank you.
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    Bear Mountain Pellets/BOGO Free with free shipping

    Thanks for the heads-up. A great deal.
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    340 arrived today

    It is an online manual so I assume they are all the same. The manual says 6.5 preset from factory. Mine was set at 3.5.
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    Beef Texas A & M Brisket

    Did my first brisket on my new 340 yesterday and was disappointed. The meat was not tender at all. I have spent hours on the internet and YouTube getting as many pointers as I could beforehand. I had a 4.25 lb competition cut from the butcher - supposed to be Prime quality. I did not cook the...
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    340 arrived today

    I got my 340 about 10 days ago and have done 2-3 cooks so far. Holds temp within 1-2 degrees except after opening the lid. The temp then rises quite a bit but eventually returns to the preset value. Auger was preset from the factory at 3.5 and I made no changes to the setting. What I have read...
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    Trailblazer lid issue

    Brett, assembled my Trailblazer this week and noticed gaps in the lid on both sides toward the bottom. Your gaps seem much wider than mine however. I contacted Rec Tec and David Harris assured me this was normal and needed for air flow. Personally, I don't buy this explanation. I would contact...
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    Temperature excursion question

    My 340 was delivered this week. Factory setting was 3.5.
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    Trailblazer wheel mod

    Wow, this is amazing. You should market the parts as a kit. I would be your first customer!
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    Grease Drip Bucket Liner

    Do all RT's have the same size bucket? I just got a 340 (Trailblazer) and the bucket looks small.