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    I had a problem

    Hello, my name is Bill. I used to be a hard headed stick burner guy. I have been clean for five years. I am here to tell you the facts. Don't be getting all butt-hurt when you read this. Just let it sink in. You might learn something. The stick burner folks talk about "learning...
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    Extra Smokestack

    I wanted to add an extra smokestack on my Bull so it would look like the BFG. I think it came out great. I don't know if it helped anything or not. I just wanted the look. Check it out.
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    Another Rectec Bull 700 and 680 Wheel Mod

    I did a wheel mod on my Bull. I added extra length to the back side to add more stability. Stainless 5/8" rod 27 inches long. 2" X 1" channel, 26 inches long. Drilled holes and mounted casters from Caster city. They have 1/2" holes in the pivot and you use a 1/2 x 1 1/4 inch bolt to mount with...