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  1. KrautBurner

    RT-300 repairing RT-300

    I purchased it used, so, no warranty (doesnt matter how young it is) I'll look more into it in the next few weeks
  2. KrautBurner

    Bull Cart Top for Original Legs?

    who here has extended the legs to make the table top higher? what size square stock is needed? (I'm not home to measure)
  3. KrautBurner

    Sold / Found Feeler: RT-700 with Comp Cart, Smoke Box, Front Shelf, and cover (smoke box) PNW

    located in Sequim, Wa (west of Seattle) I'm wanting to step up to a BFG my Bull is about 1.5 years old, works great has been rock solid for many many cooks (including a bunch of overnight cooks) all without issue what should I ask for it? would any in the PNW be interested?
  4. KrautBurner

    Sold / Found RT700 Competition Cart and Cover for RT700 with Smokebox

    I have all that, its connected to my bull 1.5 years old located in Sequim, wa you interested in the whold setup?
  5. KrautBurner

    Sold / Found RT 700/1250 Smokebox

    sending DM
  6. KrautBurner

    Bull Cart Top for Original Legs?

    I talked to him a while back $130 + shipping ($180 shipped to me in Washington State) I'm on the fence between this and granite counter top for my legs
  7. KrautBurner

    Bull Cart Top for Original Legs?

    is that butcher block table top bowed? or is that just the pic? hows it holding up ?
  8. KrautBurner

    RT-300 repairing RT-300

    the ledge that holds the left side of the drip tray is eroding away, it barely has enough material to hold the drip tray off of the heat deflector how would you fix this? btw, I contacted RecTeQ to see if I can just buy a RT340 Barrel (and swap everything over to it) they say they dont...
  9. KrautBurner

    Bull Has anyone smoked a 22 lb turkey on heir RT-700?

    I realize I’m a little late But I’ve done a couple 24# birds on mine Spatchcocked for great results This year: Spatchcocked, injected with Cajun butter (it’s what I had) Patted dry and dry brined inside and out about an hour before cooking I put the bird on a rimmed sheet pan with a...
  10. KrautBurner

    Bull Zipper installed on bull cover!

    Amazing Did you go with the 24” zipper?