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  1. SmokeZilla

    Potential Problems Using RT-700 on a screened-in porch

    I don’t have mine under a cover but my friend did it with his unit. His ceiling is about 10 feet and after a full season of cooking the screen and surrounding wood in the ceiling started looking pretty grungy. The constant exposure to smoke tinted the screen material and the smell impregnated...
  2. SmokeZilla

    Best Liverwurst (Westcoast)

    Roaniecowpony, It may not be convenient to your location but Mattern Sausage & Meats in Orange does traditional and custom grinds. I haven’t seen liverwurst at their location on Chapman Ave but it is worth giving them a call, especially if you have your own favorite recipe. If you want...
  3. SmokeZilla

    Show us what you're cooking...

    I like this thread. Especially the “Mayo talk”. If you want to take your food (especially sandwiches) to the next level check out Kewpie Mayonnaise at your local grocery store. I’ve been using it for years and it can be dressed up to create really cool dipping sauces and custom condiments...
  4. SmokeZilla

    RT-1250 Spare Parts on Hand?

    When I had problems with my Bull, they balked on the replacement. RT wanted me to measure the warpage to see if it was bad enough to contact or raise the bottom of the drip pan by more than a 1/2”. When I challenged the logic and potential impact to airflow, they conceded and sent me a new...
  5. SmokeZilla

    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    TheRicker, Although I responded to you, the information was not exclusive to your B-Stone or situation. It was really for those that are trying to choose between the two primary solutions that are available. I saw your unit at a local store and it is every bit a griddle. If I came across...
  6. SmokeZilla

    Sear grates opinions

    I have GGs on my Bull and my gasser. They work well for what they do but should not be used above ~600F. I also have a sear station for my gasser that heats to over 1000F in about 8 minutes and does an outstanding job of searing after a low and slow cook. As an alternate solution I use a...
  7. SmokeZilla

    Select Bear Mountain Pellets at Walmart

    As a test for anyone that can’t tell the difference in pellets, I offer up Mesquite. If you can’t tell Mesquite from Hickory, Pecan, or even fruit blended varieties, it is time to purchase from a better vendor. I have to assume my pallet is different than most as I can tell the difference in...
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    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    I was watching the Masters and realized I didn’t post pictures from Smoke Queen’s. Here are a couple of their Family Style dishes. The tray with the pulled pork was about $124.00 feeds 4-6 and the one with a lot of Brisket was about $160.00 and serves 5-10. They obviously haven’t seen my...
  9. SmokeZilla

    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    Motodad1776, I know you don’t like YTube but there is a fix for the wind problem. You can search Blackstone Windscreen. Or, you can go to your local 99 Cent store and get grill or table scrapers. It looks like a spatula without a handle and with a curved/rounded end that you hold. Place...
  10. SmokeZilla

    RT-1070 Bull horns. Have you ever wondered why the bull horns on the grill are installed pointing in when bull horns always point outward.

    I know anatomically it would be correct to have them turned out but I can think of 2 reasons it would be incorrect for the RT smokers. The first is that you will potentially tweak your lid if you open it one handed as the stress load may be isolated to one side. The other reason would include...
  11. SmokeZilla

    Show us what you're cooking...

    As discussed earlier, I didn’t do the cooking but had a treat. I visited a fairly new BBQ location called Queens in SoCal. Their location is in a neighborhood in Garden Grove which is interesting but should offer enough space if the neighbors don’t run them away with the sweet smells of...
  12. SmokeZilla

    Trailblazer Tri-tip Santa Maria style

    I’m not doing the cooking but I’m at a new “spot” in Garden Grove California. Winnie ( the owner) has been on several TV competition shows. More info when they open. Here are some pre-food pics.
  13. SmokeZilla

    RT-1250 Spare Parts on Hand?

    I typically keep “spares” for key and critical items. Fortunately, there are not as many wear items in the RTs compared to a typical gasser, I would offer the following: - Controller - Igniter - Probe - Heat deflector (although the cast iron seems more robust than the steel one that’s in my Bull...
  14. SmokeZilla

    Wind Therapy

    Got rid of the bikes many years ago but I can still roll down a window if that counts.
  15. SmokeZilla

    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    TheRicker, I agree that a griddle plate accessory has its own special purpose and is very functional, but the similarities end at that point. All my cooking devices have the ability to act as a griddle with the right contraption added. In my inventory I have them from Le Creuset, Lodge...
  16. SmokeZilla

    Gas Grills

    AlphaPapa, You and I are cut from the same stone. I also feel guilt if I have a decent service life out of a product even if it has an extended warranty.
  17. SmokeZilla

    Stampede How to do Hamburgers

    Sometimes you just have to forge your own path. The best 1/4 or 1/2 pound burgers my kids and their friends claim to have ever tasted came off my Bull. ProTip #1: I like to grind my own beef using the equivalent of about 80%/20%. I start with a 90% from Costco and regrind it 2 times using...
  18. SmokeZilla

    Gas Grills

    RattleR, Although not asked, I recommend you take a look at the parts list in your manual and order replacement parts before they go obsolete. I do this with all my cookers when they are still in production. This usually includes a couple of extra igniters, a couple of extra knobs, at least 2...
  19. SmokeZilla

    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    Motodad1776, Welcome to the wonderful world of griddling. I think that you will enjoy yourself. You may be overwhelmed with the variety of accessories that Blackstone and other companies offer. It all boils down (no pun intended) to two heavy duty, high-quality spatulas, typically with the...