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    Flagship 1100 New flagship 1100 issues

    I agree with kstone, call em, email answers are pretty slow.
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    That looks great, I’m going to have to try wrapping my next meteorite, mine come out looking a lot drier then that one. Do you trim off the fat cap?
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    Stampede New to Recteq 590…

    I use a smoke tube occasionally, I’ll have to pay closer attention to see if it “hunts”, if it has in the past I’ve not noticed. There may be a difference in how long it takes to settle high heat vs low heat. Heatonist didn’t specify.
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    Stampede New to Recteq 590…

    The only other thing I can think of is is the thermostat bent. I only time I’ve had issues where it wouldn’t settle fairly quick was when it was 10f out.
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    Stampede New to Recteq 590…

    Might be worth checking the auger feed rate although I don’t know what the current recommendation is.
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    Stampede New to Recteq 590…

    If once it goes past it returns to the set temp, then it’s normal for me, at least on startup. Mine always takes a bit to settle.
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    Stampede Reaches set temp then cools down

    I’d see about reloading the update if that is really when the issue started. Remove and reload the app, something like that.
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    So did I make a bad decision ?

    Welcome to the forum, this is where folks go to complain when things aren’t exactly how they want them, valid or not. Not a lot of people hunt down forums to say how well it’s going. You should have seen the Weber forum when the Smokefire first came out. 4 years now and I’m fine with or without...
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    Best pellets for brisket?

    No, it’s not just you.
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    Bullseye Bullseye 380 or 380X

    Do the Bullsye’s smoke as much as the conventional style RT smokers? I ask cause I’d keep such close to the house, when I had the smoker close the smoke had a tendency to go in the house, ended up moving it across the yard which I wouldn’t care to do with a daily use grill.
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    Bullseye Checking actual temperature of 380 bulleye

    Can you clip the met probe to the built in? That’d tell you if one of the 2 is flaky. If okay then but the 3rd party probe out where you actually cook and adjust the built ins reading.
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    Bullseye Checking actual temperature of 380 bulleye

    I read somewhere about using a potato 🥔.
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    New Flagship 1100 owner

    Welcome. You may find pellets lack some of the flavor of your old smoker, such is the way it is. That’s the trade off for how easy a pellet grill is.
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    Bullseye Checking actual temperature of 380 bulleye

    I’ve not noticed a difference in readings, or at least not enough to recall getting concerned about, and have used meat probes to check air temps in the oven. I try to get the probe up off the grate, if you have a probe clip like this, that should do the trick. I’ve used balled up tin foil with...
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    Trailblazer Water tray?

    On my non smokestack unit, it’s the downhill side that’s hotter.
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    Ove Glove aroma (bbq gloves)

    I only use gloves to pull pork and the like, cheap cotton under HF nitrile, and the plain nitrile for prepping, putting on and taking things off the grill, as needed. What uses do you find for what you have?
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    recteq grills uncovered

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    Updated recteq app and now it wont connect.

    Pretty crappy answer, don’t you just love private equity. Another reason for a 3rd party wireless thermometer.
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    Brisket flat gone wrong

    I’ve never seen just a point. And fwiw, my RT probes have always been fine, I do however at times question them, that’s when I break out the Smoke. It’s good to have a 3rd party available whether you use it all the time or not.
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    Brisket flat gone wrong

    I’ve never done one without wrapping, might make a difference. I do find flats do not get near as juicy as a whole packer, but I’m no expert.