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  1. spartanhuntr

    Another outdoor kitchen thread....IDEAS? Thoughts?

    I have reviewed a few of the outdoor kitchen threads already posted here but thought i would start a fresh one as I just wrote a check for $20k for my designer. It is something i have wanted for a really long time. We are rebuilding our deck (now called a terrace because of the design) and it...
  2. spartanhuntr

    RecTeq accessories comment

    My issue with them is when i am in the Rec Teq page is I can put stuff in cart but it will NOT let me finish the purchase. I have tried to buy everything. Pellets, to sauces, to accessories.... I have tried 3-4 times and on two different computers (thought maybe my work one was the problem).
  3. spartanhuntr

    New Knife in the House!

    This is a great thread. For us novice guys... would love a guide of what you need... basics... advanced.. I am absolutely an amateur. My drawer would probably make you all laugh. I have the knives that Bearded Butcher guys swear by for trimming. I bought an Amazon carving knife. But on...
  4. spartanhuntr

    Outdoor Kitchen Almost Done

    Love it... QQ... is that a griddle? What brand? How does it hold up to the elements? I have a blackstone but we are in the process of putting in a kitchen (and new deck). I have actually planned for blackstone so it is easily replaced if it rusts (currently sits in garage and is wheeled...
  5. spartanhuntr

    Stampede Snow?

    .Lots of snow here in Michigan currently. I have gotten lazy and dont cover. It does mess a lot with the cook chamber temps. Only advice (although it looks like you dont need it.) is that i used to trust the RT probe for my temp. In wintery/snowy/windy weather I put two more in. So i have...
  6. spartanhuntr

    Incredible Subzero Performance

    on Xmas i made a prime rib. Wow it was a struggle to get it up to temp. RecTeq was set to 300 and reading 302 and my Therma Pro was showing 200. Unfortunately I didnt realize it until 90 mins in with the meat sitting at about half the temp i was expecting. I finally cranked it up to 450...
  7. spartanhuntr

    Recteq’s Cold Weather Cooking Tip

    Prime Rib tomorrow. Sitting at 0 today here. UGH. I worry more about me freezing than the cook failing. Ha! And I plan to clean up my ash today. I would rather smoke longer than eat the ash that seems to blow around (especially when cold). Good luck to everyone out there on your...
  8. spartanhuntr

    Bull First Food Cooked on the Grill

    these look AMAZING!! thanks for sharing.
  9. spartanhuntr

    Stampede really unimpressed

    I, like you and WHTA, am a BGE owner. I am confused by the tenderness issueh. As you know that is all about how long the meat sits at a prescribed temperature. It has little to do with the cooker. If i put a pork butt in the oven i can get the same tenderness...i just need to cook it...
  10. spartanhuntr

    RT-1250 Drip Tray

    Always have grease too. Only add here is i went to the Traeger fitted liners. it didnt help either. Trying the amazon ones next. But very close to the scrape method because candidly I am already doing it. I have to scrape even when i used the liner - foil or traeger.
  11. spartanhuntr

    Anyone order from Meat Church online?

    Glad you got your stuff. What is Wildfire guys? I googled it thinking it might be a retail place and really didnt find much. Is it a grill/accessories store?
  12. spartanhuntr

    Anybody got one ??

    Love my ss blackstone. I dont have any issues with rust or keeping it seasoned. In fact, i haven't stripped mine in like three years. It is amazing for big bfasts for the kids. Also love making a mess of bacon for a week (blts, salad toppings, club sandwhiches, etc.). For dinner i have...
  13. spartanhuntr

    Trailblazer First Time Smoking a Wagyu Brisket

    Wow! Looks good!!!! How do you wait. Ha!
  14. spartanhuntr

    First Tomahawk

    The hot plated with sizzling added garlic herb butter is a nice touch to these too. Like they do the porterhouses at Peter Lugars! I find there is a little something beneficial on that bone and that is that it does seem to protect the meat a bit from over cooking. So when i probe in the...
  15. spartanhuntr

    Bull New Grates / Racks... PCS Rackworks

    Agree.. I found this to be SUPER easy. Here is his youtube instruction video. There were paper instructions in the packaging. I simply watched the video and did it as instructed. Super easy. Start to finish in 30 minutes. I followed his instructions step by step and it was super...
  16. spartanhuntr

    Bull New Grates / Racks... PCS Rackworks

    Good question. I don't. But will take some and post here. For me... the ability to slide them in / out is even better than the space. The reality is I have only done 2-3 cooks in the 4-5 years i have owned it that i couldnt fit on the single rack. It is nice to have the second, but...
  17. spartanhuntr

    Bull New Grates / Racks... PCS Rackworks

    I havent noticed that. I am not an engineer either. So, no idea if it will. I would think (totally amateur statement coming) that the metal is constant, so it just will need to adjust but once it does it will stay constant. Also - many other higher end smokers have these and I have...
  18. spartanhuntr

    Bull Pizza/ Pizza Stone Questions

    I love pizza night with the kids... i get my RT700 going and my Big Green Egg. Egg cooks faster as it is 600-700 degrees. Stone is a must as there is fire below that is hotter. On the 700 i do stones or screens. The screens do actually make it crispier for us. The only problem with the...
  19. spartanhuntr

    Bull New Grates / Racks... PCS Rackworks

    Hey All, I am remiss in not posting this sooner. I understand others have already talked about these, but I am loving them and wanted to share since they have worked out so well. Ordered these from Chad Peterson... PCS Rackworks. Came very quick. He communicated very well and shipped...
  20. spartanhuntr

    Bullseye Heat deflector

    add my two cents. you can do this. It just takes away the controls of the system. Even with the deflectors on some of these models you will once in a hundred cooks somehow end up with grease rolling over the shield/pan and in to the pot. I thought for sure my RT700 was ruined one day where...