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  1. Cokeman

    RecTeq turning off app remote start up feature?

    How are you getting it to work? Mine has an update popup that won’t go away or let me use the app without updating.
  2. Cokeman

    Stampede Upgraded app

    What is the newest version of the iOS app?
  3. Cokeman

    Pellet build up in fire pot

    Man, I’d kill for a glass of robot milk right now
  4. Cokeman

    Just ate at Goldies, 2021 State of Texas best barbecue!

    I want one of those little charcoal grills they have but don’t think I can take it on the plane.
  5. Cokeman

    Just ate at Goldies, 2021 State of Texas best barbecue!

    Must have been the Buc-ee’s in Texas City?
  6. Cokeman

    Just ate at Goldies, 2021 State of Texas best barbecue!

    I never go to Fort Worth. 🤨 I went to 1701 Barbecue in Beaumont. It was the bomb. Corkscrew BBQ in Spring and the Pit Room in Houston are also really good.
  7. Cokeman

    Wife added her touches with the BULL

    That’s pretty sweet. I want one.
  8. Cokeman

    Recteq’s Cold Weather Cooking Tip

    Where are you guys? It’s not that cold here.
  9. Cokeman

    3-2-1 Ribs Gone Bad

    Did you say what kind of ribs they were? Do you know how much each rack weighed?
  10. Cokeman

    Stampede Turkey Techniques

    I did this one and it was awesome! The one in the video was 15 lbs and cooked for 4 hours. Mine was 12 lbs and was done in 2.5 hours. I was a bit surprised.
  11. Cokeman

    Stampede Turkey Techniques

    I’m thinking one of these two
  12. Cokeman

    Stampede Turkey Techniques

    For those who are cooking a turkey this week, how do you plan to do it? What recipes and techniques do you plan to use?
  13. Cokeman

    Stampede New Chicken

  14. Cokeman

    Coming soon?

    Someone else?
  15. Cokeman

    Disappointing Pork (smithfield)

    Does that change the way they cook?
  16. Cokeman

    Disappointing Pork (smithfield)

    It is. I have never had good luck with their ribs.
  17. Cokeman

    Lumberjack pellets not available. Camp Chef pellets instead?

    Do the still have an Arby’s in the shape of a teepee?
  18. Cokeman

    Stampede App upgrade?

    Mine shows this
  19. Cokeman

    Careful what you ask for...

    I only got probe notifications today.