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  1. llbts1

    Living the life!

    Please thank him for his service. May God bless and protect him.
  2. llbts1

    Best rub for pulled pork

    Ummm, Butt Glitter caught my attention. I will try HGH. I aint as good as I once was.
  3. llbts1

    There's no going back...

    McDonalds. I ate millions of the billions served when I was a kid. Last time I ate there I was sick for 2 days. Never again.
  4. llbts1

    Combustion Inc failure!

    Jim, don't you have a meater? I still have good results with mine, especially for rotisserie.
  5. llbts1

    Combustion Inc failure!

    I like my meater and have had good luck with it for several years. It is my go to for rotisserie. It won't replace the Signals that y'all talked me into buying Black Friday though.
  6. llbts1

    Practical experience with Meater+?

    I use it with indirect heat on the Kamado Joe with rotisserie. I keep the heat between 400-450.
  7. llbts1

    Practical experience with Meater+?

    I love my Meater. I use it a lot. No complaints on the 700 or on the Kamado Joe. Works great for rotisserie. I have never had an issue with battery life either. I ran it the other day with a pork shoulder for 18 hours.
  8. llbts1

    Just ate at Goldies, 2021 State of Texas best barbecue!

    San Antonio, Mexican food. BBQ, Lockhart, Fort Worth, maybe Austin if your drunk enough. :) Good BBQ knows no region. I've had great bbq all over. I've had sucky bbq all over.
  9. llbts1

    No Phony Bologna

    That's the way its suppose to look. Good eating right there.
  10. llbts1

    Bull Question about Boston butt cook time

    Some meat is hotter than others. I will stick by that comment. ;)
  11. llbts1

    Bull Question about Boston butt cook time

    I did an 8lb butt Saturday. I did not wrap. Outside temperature was mid 50's. Cooked at 225. It took me 2 hours per pound. Seems every butt is different.
  12. llbts1

    Proud Papa Moment

    Congratulations to your son, the Mrs and you. That is a family commitment. Please thank him for his commitment and service to our country. May God bless and protect.
  13. llbts1

    If you ever wanted a ThermoWorks Signals…

    I missed this one and am now kicking myself
  14. llbts1

    When is a brisket done?

    Good stuff SmokeZilla. I will give this a try on the next brisket. Thanks for the tips.
  15. llbts1

    Smokey smoked turkey!

    Looks great. Thank you
  16. llbts1

    Smokey smoked turkey!

    Whats the weight of your bird? Thanks
  17. llbts1

    fear of rain

    Move to Texas. You won't have to worry about rain.
  18. llbts1

    How far ahead to season a brisket?

    I would go the 12 hour route. Matter of fact, thats usually what I do.
  19. llbts1

    Bull Wifi light

    Nygiant. Mine did the exact same thing today. I have had mine for over a year and this is the first time it has ever happened. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it works just fine now. Fluke thing?
  20. llbts1

    First brisket meh

    That was my first guess, probes not calibrated.