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  1. charlesrshell

    Pellets get stuck in buckethead vac hose - what to do?

    Take it a little slower and suck less pellets at a time.
  2. charlesrshell

    Select Bear Mountain Pellets at Walmart

    I switched to BM about a year ago. Been working great for me in my Bullseye.
  3. charlesrshell

    Need lid for grease bucket

    Try a large mouth Mason jar.
  4. charlesrshell

    Need lid for grease bucket

    I used a wide mouth Mason jar in my 590 bucket. Screw the lid on and throw it away.
  5. charlesrshell

    Pork Steak Recipe?

    The best way the wife has liked them was just cook at 300 degrees till the right meat temp.
  6. charlesrshell

    Pork Steak Recipe?

    I do Pork Steaks on my 380 quite offen ,but don't have a fool proof way.
  7. charlesrshell

    RecTeq turning off app remote start up feature?

    I use one of my home cameras to keep an eye on my grill while inside.
  8. charlesrshell

    There's no going back...

    Here is my favorite with salt, pepper, & a fork.
  9. charlesrshell

    Stampede All weather smoke vents

    Will probably giving it to my son.
  10. charlesrshell

    Stampede All weather smoke vents

    Sorry, I don't know. I used my 590 maybe three times. Didn't care for it and immediately got the 380 and have used it ever since. My 590 has been under cover all this time in the garage.
  11. charlesrshell

    Bull Lighting?

    I like both ways. Depends on the mood!
  12. charlesrshell

    Trailblazer Smoke coming out of the pellet hopper

    I vac before every cook.
  13. charlesrshell

    Chewy/rubbery brisket point -- why?

    But, my wife blames me because I picked the meat at the store. I will tell her next time it's the cow's fault.
  14. charlesrshell

    Best Pellet Smokers

    I like the All Stainless Two Star General.
  15. charlesrshell

    Best Pellet Smokers

    Yep, little pricey.
  16. charlesrshell

    Best Pellet Smokers

    The MAK grill looks awesome. Does anyone own one?
  17. charlesrshell

    Caved and getting an apron

    Might be Greg!!
  18. charlesrshell

    Pizza For Dinner

    Love the shape.