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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Get well and get back to smokin!!
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    I've bought some choice briskets (market street) and they weren't good, that may be the choice vs prime caveat. Every prime brisket I've bought has been great so Im in agreement with you there although WF has some nice looking angus choice briskets @ $5.99lb but with Costco's primes coming out...
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    I have found the exact same thing when it comes to wild fork, Angus Choice has been excellent. Bought 2 beef tenderloin 2 weeks ago, one Angus Choice and one Angus Prime as it was only $1 per pound more. Grilled the prime, it was awesome, the choice is in the freezer but I bet there's little to...
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    It was $4.99 lb. Reg Prime was $3.99lb Bought one of each Not my pic but here's what you're looking for. I don't see them there all the time but I do see them about every other month and after about a week, they mark them down to $4.99 but even $5.99 it seems like a good buy. The ones here...
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Smoked a brisket for Christmas. 13lb Costco Prime Wagyu brisket seasoned with Zavala's beef rub, my mixture of coarse black pepper and kosher salt and a heavy dusting of meat church holy cow This is my best tasting brisket to date, came out perfect. I had my doubts about this one due to my...
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    Should i cook like this or finish the butchers job?

    I think the bigger question or comment really is that unless you asked for the cut to be trimmed to your(OP) liking, you got what you'd normally get in a packer or even a point/flat sold at costco or sams club. You'd still have to trim the brisket regardless of the grade (select/ choice/ prime)...
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    Prime Day Deal

    If you're looking at the meater, consider the thermopro twin, its normally $179 but on sale for $95 off. Two wireless spikes for $85 I have the inkbird system...
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    Stampede Smoked a brisket & figured something out today

    I smoked a med sized (13lbs probably 12lbs after trimming) choice brisket today and figured that the 590 definitely has a hot side and a cooler side. Typically, I have issues keeping the flat and the point cooking evenly, flat was always 15-20° hotter and sooner. Today (12AM) started out no...
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    ThermoPro wireless meat probe

    FYI, Amazon has thermal pros wireless meat probe, the one like meaters, 40% off for $63 instead of $100
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    Wagyu Beef Tallow

    I used South Chicago Packing Wagyu Beef Tallow on a brisket a few months back. I used mustard as a binder then smoked the brisket. I melted some tallow in a pan in the smoker and brushed it on before the wrap. I wasn't impressed with the result. The brisket was definitely more moist (from...
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    Stampede Getting 590 Today Black Friday? CART?

    I have the same setup minus the sear pan and the grill mat but with the smoke vents, bought it with the comp cart during black Friday a few years ago, cart was free addon. I'd maybe skip the mat unless its dirt cheap, you can find somethin at lowes or homdepot cheap but in reality, my 590 has...
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    Garbage Day - A Sad Tale

    I've drank the water in Mexico and had ZRERO issues, Id have smoked that MF'r
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Just put a brisket on for Memorial Day, trying some Jax Jealous Devil pellets Good review on the pellets here
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    What is your favorite fish to smoke?

    Same here. Did atlantic salmon a few weeks back, my wife swore she wasn't having any, that she didn't like salmon. Smoked Atlantic Salmon with a Maple Bourbon (Knobb Creek) glaze, she ate it like tomorrow wasn't coming
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    Stampede Competition Cart Install

    Same here, I bought mine with the comp cart, built the cart then dead lifted the barrel on to the cart by myself. It can be done solo but it isn't easy. My biggest worry was not pinching any "appendages" when setting the barrel on the cart
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    Stampede Front shelf thoughts

    That's exactly why I really don't like the recteq shelf, its really shallow so it wont hold much of anything without risking it flipping off the front. This was $20
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    Stampede Front shelf thoughts

    I have a comp cart so I made a front shelf from the regular cart shelf
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    Costco Prime Brisket $3.99lb

    North Texans, Costco has prime brisket on sale again. There's a tornado too so look out
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Smoked Atlantic Salmon with a Maple Bourbon (Knobb Creek} glaze. Damn it's good