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  1. Rectechie

    Stampede Wood chunks sitting directly on cast deflector?

    I found that just using the right pellets provides plenty of smoke for low and slows. Bear Mountain Bold is my favorite.
  2. Rectechie

    Bull Is there any reason the RT-700 Stainless Steel Grates Can't go into the Dishwasher for cleaning?

    I just put the 590 grates in the gas grill on high and burn of the crud .
  3. Rectechie

    Stampede RT-590 Pizza

    Is the the GMG 4023? What temp do you set the 590 on?
  4. Rectechie

    Stampede Waiting on Delivery

    Check the tracking info at least 6 times day. On the day of delivery set up a chair on your driveway with some music and a cold one. Have a $20 bill ready to offer the driver if he helps carry the box to your back yard. It worked for me! LOL
  5. Rectechie

    Stampede BBQ Beef Rib Failure

    I have a rule that I follow when using my RT. “Do not use the Recteq recipes”. There are so many resources on You Tube that you can learn more from that will yield better results. Unfortunately, those that have come from using gassers rely on the manufacturers recipes without learning the basics...
  6. Rectechie

    Bull Brisket Advice - Fat Side Up vs Meat Side Up

    The fat will not render into the meat. The meat is too dense to absorb the fat. I have a BGE and the 590. The first time I smoked a brisket on the 590 it was fat side down, One of the best briskets I have cooked.
  7. Rectechie

    Stampede Can you use the RT Small Interior Shelf to smoke a brisket?

    I was watching a Mad Scientist YT video on how to smoke a brisket on a pellet grill. Jeremy Yoder recommends smoking the brisket on the upper shelf to improve air flow and better bark. Would the small interior shelf support a 11-12 lb packer brisket or would I require 2 small shelf’s? I prefer...
  8. Rectechie

    Stampede BBQ Beef Rib Failure

    I am not a fan of Recteq recipes. I have smoked Beef Plate Ribs many times before and they take 6-8 hours depending on the weight. What type of beef ribs were you cooking? 4 Hours is not enough time for the fat to render.
  9. Rectechie

    Trailblazer New 590

    Congrats, are you going to cook some chicken thighs to start the Seasoning process? There are plenty of you tube videos on how to use and maintain the RT available.
  10. Rectechie

    Bull First Cook Thighs a Little Disappointing

    Set the chicken on a rack in the fridge the night before to dry out the skin. I get crispy skin all the time as long as I use this method. No need for baking powder. I have tried he 0-400 for wings but I just prefer to cook at 350-375 and flip the chicken every 10-15 minutes until done.
  11. Rectechie

    Disappointing Pork (smithfield)

    Its more the way they taste. Mass produced factory farms. I just order from on line where I can find Duroc breed products.
  12. Rectechie

    Disappointing Pork (smithfield)

    Smithfield ribs are pre brined in a sodium solution. I prefer Duroc.
  13. Rectechie

    Pizza Cook

    Spread a little corn meal on a wooden peel before laying out the pie to prep. Make sure the stone has preheated at least 30 minutes after reaching target temp. I cook a 400 and it takes 14-15 minutes per pie.
  14. Rectechie

    Cookin’ ribs question

    Depending on the weight Spares take 5-6 hours to cook at 225. I apply the rub about an hour prior and start a low smoke for 30 minutes and raise to 225. No wrap and check for probe tenderness with a toothpick or Thermapen. When the ribs are tender I glaze with sauce and let it set for 20 minutes.
  15. Rectechie

    Stampede Question before I sell my 590 and get a stick burner

    Try Bear Mountain Bold pellets. Lots more smoke and plenty of bark.
  16. Rectechie

    Stampede RT 590 6 month in review

    I used Oakridge Black OPS brisket rub. Smoked it at 200 overnight. The next morning I raised the temperature to 235 and wrapped it in Butcher Paper at 165. Pulled it when it was probe tender around 203. Let it rest for 20 minutes on the counter then set in the cooler for a few hours prior to...
  17. Rectechie

    Bull Big green egg owners

    So last week I did my first overnight cooks for a pork butt and brisket. The brisket ran at 200’all night without a problem. Ramped up the temp to 250 and wrapped in butcher paper at 165. This was the best brisket I have ever cooked including all the cooks I did on my Egg. Pork Butt was equally...
  18. Rectechie

    Stampede RT 590 new owner need advice and help!

    The recommended feed rate for the 590 is 1.0 as the latest revision has an upgraded auger motor. Set it to 1.0 and remove any ash left in your firepot. Then start it again and let it run for an hour and do not open the lid or play with the feed rate.
  19. Rectechie

    Stampede Question before I sell my 590 and get a stick burner

    I have had my 590 for 6 months. Last week I smoked a pork butt, Spare Ribs and a brisket over 3 days. These were my first overnight cooks with the 590. I also have a BGE and prior to that a WSM. I was able to achieve great bark, smoke flavor and a smoke ring. I think before you judge a pellets...
  20. Rectechie

    Stampede Question before I sell my 590 and get a stick burner

    What were you using prior to the 590?