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    RT 2500 BFG wifi connection ( or not )

    I've used my grill a half dozen times and was connected to app. I can now no longer connect via wifi to the grill. I can't remember if I installed an update or not. I have tried connecting the controller to a known 2.4 network that works fine to other devices ( ie my solar array ). The grill...
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    BFG Talking myself up from the RT-700 to the RT-2500*

    Well folks I took a different approach. I showed my wife the gill after it was delivered and assembled. Too late to send back....
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    BFG Lack of smoke...

    I just got my BFG and have noticed little to no smoke. Is this normal, as my offset stick burner gives off plenty of smoke..
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    BFG Temp control issue

    I just received my BFG....Did they ever fix the heat control issue??