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  1. Waterboy

    Bull rt-700 constant flame out (solved)

    Glad to hear you got some better help. To be fair this is beyond what customer service typically deals with. They can get a bit condescending when it isn’t a straight forward issue. Hopefully a little rewiring will get you up and running.
  2. Waterboy

    Show us what you're cooking...

    @abmet how do you like the grill? The food looks great!
  3. Waterboy

    Bull rt-700 constant flame out (solved)

    Have you run each process in the test mode? You can check the fan, igniter and auger to make sure each is working. Is the RTD probe inside the grill standing straight up or is it bent? That can really mess with temps. Are the pellets brand new or did they come with the grill? We’ll need more...
  4. Waterboy

    Having a VERY HARD time getting Bullseye dialed in

    Do the newer versions of the Bullseye still have the spacer for the lid? And if so do you have it installed?
  5. Waterboy

    Sear grates opinions

    I used GrillGrates in my 700 until I got my Bullseye then got them for the Bullseye. I upgraded my Bullseye to a cast iron grate and now don’t use GrillGrates at all. If you want to do it all on the BFG GrillGrates will do all you need. They have scratch and dent sales regularly. It’s hard to...
  6. Waterboy

    Req Teq going retail

    The Scheels in Fargo, ND is listed as an Ace Hardware, not sure if they all are.
  7. Waterboy

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Elder gymnastics is easy to do but difficult to do well. I’m glad you were able to be patched up and enjoy the fruits of your labor. My son is a fire captain and is currently at the station that services out neighborhood. I told him to make sure every shift knows where his parents live! It’s...
  8. Waterboy

    Patio Legend 410 Question about patio 410

    My 700s minimum feed rate is 2.%. 0.0% doesn’t sound right to me. Maybe others with a 410 can let you know their feed rate.
  9. Waterboy

    Patio Legend 410 Question about patio 410

    What is your minimum feed rate? You can find it in the app.
  10. Waterboy

    Patio Legend 410 Question about patio 410

    It’s not typical. Could be the pellets, could be the minimum feed rate, could be a bent RTD probe, maybe a burn pot that needs to be cleaned out. Those temperatures won’t ruin your cook but you may not get to finish this one the way you wanted. Just keep an eye on the ribs. If you turn the temp...
  11. Waterboy

    Hey all!

    Welcome aboard @Eric.M . Asking and answering questions as well as getting and giving input is the main purpose of the forum. Oh, and occasionally showing off a good cook or two 😉. We do expect pictures!
  12. Waterboy

    So did I make a bad decision ?

    Welcome to the forum @Sbuchanan813 . You bought a great grill. There is always a lot of complaining in online forums. Heated issues come and go but few members seem to walk away from their Recteq despite all the threats to do so. Some have but most don’t. These are good quality grills and will...
  13. Waterboy

    Stampede Reaches set temp then cools down

    Whenever mine has done that it has been pellet bridging. You can also check to make sure your RTD probe isn’t bent. If it gets too close to the barrel it will give a false reading as the metal heats up. Lastly Recteq customer service can help you troubleshoot.
  14. Waterboy

    Is this transparency?

    Most app updates are vague about what they are really fixing. While I agree Recteq has one MAJOR fix needed I don’t think they are being any less transparent than most app operators.
  15. Waterboy

    Best pellets for brisket?

    I use Hickory for everything. Mostly Bear Mountain which uses Oak or Alder as a base wood along with the Hickory. I think Lumberjack is the only or one of the very few suppliers that have 100% Hickory.
  16. Waterboy

    Bullseye Bullseye 380 or 380X

    For me there isn’t the constant smoke like produced on my 700. There’s a bunch of smoke at start up but then clears up once it gets going. I usually cook between 325 and 400 depending on the cook so it’s a pretty clean fire. There is still the greasy flare up smoke when doing a fatty steaks or...
  17. Waterboy

    St Paddy’s Day 2024…Corned Beef Cook

    I use the Costco SRF corned beef for pastrami but always soak it overnight. It still has plenty of salt for my liking. Here is a picture of my last pastrami so you can see the marbling.
  18. Waterboy

    RT-1250 Where to place 12 pound brisket on RecTeq 1250?

    I added a second shelf to my 700 and now cook fat side up. I’ve been turning out the best briskets I’ve ever cooked since raising the protein away from the heat source. My last brisket I forgot to put the drip pan on the first shelf so I’ll be scraping the drip tray on this one.
  19. Waterboy

    New Recteq grills

    I figured they would get rid of the 1250 just like the 700. The flagship kind of replaces both but with a taller oval barrel. The Flagship XL is a nice gap grill between the Flagship and BFG.