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  1. RattleR

    Meat inflation ruining barbecue

    Thinking the lesson Bud Light learned🤔
  2. RattleR

    Odd occurrence on shut down

    They updated the app and you have to hold the off button for three seconds but if you used the control panel that might not be it. Not much help from me I guess.
  3. RattleR

    Show us what you're cooking...

    They make a mighty fine one at Vucinovich’s as well. All are difficult to keep fresh when traveling for very long.
  4. RattleR

    Bull rt-700 constant flame out (solved)

    I know you can ring them out but possible this will be useful. I hope so, I know I would be frustrated (being nice else I would have said pi$$ed)
  5. RattleR

    Word Game: Drop a Word... Keep a Word

    Now what
  6. RattleR

    RTD Replacement?

    Shoot, Real Time Display always comes out of my mouth but since we know, we know 😬 Edit: Real time display comes from Real Time data and Neo is aware.
  7. RattleR

    Trailblazer Tri-tip Santa Maria style

    That is mighty impressive. Let us know how the food is.
  8. RattleR

    Select Bear Mountain Pellets at Walmart

    For me, I don’t notice the smoke flavor from pellets like I did smoking say, a turkey on my stick burner, using hickory, you could not miss it. That said, I would like to find LJ hickory pellets locally to try. Seems finding LJ in my local area turns out like getting a Firmware update, just...
  9. RattleR

    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    Wow @SmokeZilla I never thought of it like that🤣 Now that you put it that way I am tempted to make the leap, my budget, space and SWSNBN are saying not so fast fat boy. 🤔
  10. RattleR

    Wind Therapy

    Err um……. Naturally synthetic?
  11. RattleR

    Wind Therapy

    My other ride, not pictured is pretty high maintenance, but on the 7th of this month has been with me 40 years. Looks great on the back and has a mouth like the proverbial sailor ( former bartender/manager) but a keeper.
  12. RattleR

    Gas Grills

    I have a 2006 gasser and the three biggest things that have allowed it to last this long, ok it has a life time warranty, are cast bronze burners but, I see they have cast stainless burners available, 5/16in rod Stainless cooking grates which are still perfect and a SS cabinet that a magnet...
  13. RattleR

    Wind Therapy

    I had a 70. Lot of spent tires🤣
  14. RattleR

    RecTeqForum Re-Organization - Feedback appreciated!

    Looking Good @Mike!
  15. RattleR

    Wind Therapy

  16. RattleR

    RecTeqForum Re-Organization - Feedback appreciated!

    I like the concept, also agree with @Jim6820 since I look in the existing forums for various ides, runs etc. Appreciate what you do!
  17. RattleR

    Req Teq going retail

    I have seen as much as 5 months. My understanding is they do not start the build until order is received. They a very pricey but many things to like about them and the Yoder.
  18. RattleR

    Show us what you're cooking...

    So sorry to hear it. Glad you are ok. I recently did a 1/4 back flip off the upper patio (two steps) onto the pool deck with blower in hand. I was not hurt but a little sore and my first thought was why did I turn my back to the step? I thought of Forrest at that moment🤣 Take care of yourself...
  19. RattleR

    So did I make a bad decision ?

    Agee from the standpoint of not having it. I don’t care for lawn maintenance folks touching my grill 😬 but I also agree it seems we are pole vaulting over mouse turds , it’s a good unit at its price point and mine just works. Now the hold the off button for three seconds…..