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  1. BigDan

    RecTeqForum Re-Organization - Feedback appreciated!

    I’m looking forward to this! I’ve been MIA for awhile, living the hotel life while trying to find a home in TN and commuting back and forth every week. I still pop in occasionally but will be back once I find a home for my cookers lol. FWIW…a little tidbit of useless information, TN doesn’t...
  2. BigDan

    Italian Sausages

  3. BigDan

    Cookin' Pellets news

    These are the only pellets I use and have for over a year. These give off a massive amount of smoke and the flavor IMHO has been the best to suit my and many folks Ive fed pallets. Side note: I have purchased locally, from RT in Evans before they stopped selling them and online. I have not...
  4. BigDan

    RT-1250 Phoenix user?

    Agreed I’m a 1250 owner and made some seriously great food but the 1100 definitely gives the 2nd shelf more versatility. I currently use bricks and lay my rack on it for a second shelf, 2 inches makes a huge difference… TWSS!!!!
  5. BigDan

    Brisket ,expectations

    I’ve now tested holding for various times in my cooler. 4, 5 and 6 hours the last 3 brisket cooks. No real difference in quality from 4-6 hours but definitely better than a 2 hour hold. Even at 6 hours was still 150 degrees when sliced. My preferred method moving forward.
  6. BigDan

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Dude that’s beautiful. I only hope to find my 5-10 acres of solitude 😂
  7. BigDan

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Tennessee bound still haven’t decided on a definitive area but somewhere southwest of Nashville about 60-90 minutes out. I am super excited to get it done now compared to when I retire. Been in the ATL 25 years after the Army and PCS’d a few times, this move is WAY different lol. Oh that Prime...
  8. BigDan

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Trying to smoke up while I can, my 4 months of hell being on the road and relocating starts next week.
  9. BigDan

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Fired up the 380 yesterday, 225 the whole way first prime rib done on it. Great results.
  10. BigDan

    Must be the weather, forum has been quiet.

    Oh I know I grew up in the country in Upstate NY. Soooo looking forward to this. I used to be in the country here but everything is now connected. Thanks man!
  11. BigDan

    Must be the weather, forum has been quiet.

    Somewhere in between Nashville and Memphis along the I40 corridor. We’ve just started our search. Looking for 60-90 minutes west of Nashville.
  12. BigDan

    Must be the weather, forum has been quiet.

    I thought the same thing yesterday lol. I’ve been wanting to fire up the pit myself but everyday life has caught up to me here in GA. It’s been abnormally cold here but we’re in the middle of a major life change getting ready to relocate to Tennessee. Been in the ATL area for 25 years, half my...
  13. BigDan

    Question on trimming a brisket

    Just my opinion, if you’re going to do that you may as well separate the point and flat and trim accordingly. I’ve over trimmed before and shortened my cook time… a little. Really didn’t notice a difference in my finished product. A lot of what you’re asking depends on your process. Time, temp...
  14. BigDan

    American Wagyu brisket at Costco?

    Here in the Atl area visited 4 different Costcos yesterday and today, choice only. A few Prime ribeyes scattered but that’s it. We are not the fortunate 😂
  15. BigDan

    Bullseye Grease fire erratic temperature reading

    I have disposables similar to what Waterboy showed. Amazon has them. Works great. Premium Products Corp. Disposable Drip Pans - 10 Pack -13 Inch by 1 Inch Large Round Drip Pans - Perfect for Large Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe Classic Joe, Acorn & Weber Grills & Smokers They...
  16. BigDan

    Flagship 1100

    Yeah Southeastern brought a shortie in my subdivision twice. Your road is challenged but I would gladly trade ya 😂
  17. BigDan

    Flagship 1100

    They come on short trucks too!
  18. BigDan

    What's on the NYE and NYD menu???

    Happy New Year! Doing some drumsticks and hot sausage today. Collard greens, black-eye peas and a Kurobuta ham tomorrow!