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  1. JTolbert

    Odd occurrence on shut down

    Has anyone ever had their grille start the shut down cycle and then not shut down. I did a short cook yesterday pork chops,couple hours then finished inside. So when done grille was only at 200 so I just hit off button, I saw the fan and countdown screen start but got busy and never went back...
  2. JTolbert

    Meat inflation ruining barbecue

    Yeah I was just reading an article this morning at work where Government regulations have affected the salmon fishing in California essentially not allowing it for last 2 years. So there is a part of the now $18 per lb or higher Salmon. List is growing every day
  3. JTolbert

    Meat inflation ruining barbecue

    Wow! Unbelievable 11 dollar bacon. Holy flying pigs batman!
  4. JTolbert

    Meat inflation ruining barbecue

    I certainly wouldn't want to sway you one way or the other,especially on a large quantity but the grass fed beef I have had was amazing it had this really clean almost sweetness that came across the palet when cooked
  5. JTolbert

    Meat inflation ruining barbecue

    @Motodad1776 yeah that's absolutely the scary part dude not the worst of it by far. More and more regulations on farmers every day and their inflation costs to raise products on top of it. No end in sight. It REALLY sucks.
  6. JTolbert

    Meat inflation ruining barbecue

    Just returned from the store with my wife, looked for something to put on the rectec. Instead I left with nothing and instead a feeling that it may be time to sell my grille. Not even joking. 8 dollar a pound chuck roasts. 35 dollar eye of round 5-6 dollars a pound. Briskets here are 5 dollars a...
  7. JTolbert

    Sear grates opinions

    Yeah the ol BFG eats the pellets at higher temperatures for sure!
  8. JTolbert

    Sear grates opinions

    Yeah I was wondering if there might be something out here in cast iron. But guessing the aluminum gets hotter possibly
  9. JTolbert

    Sear grates opinions

    I've been holding off on sear grates for my BFG. I wax wondering what everyone thought are the ones from rectec worth it? They are on sale right now. Are there better ones out there? Like many of you, I usually use my weber kettle for steaks but would like the ease and convenience of the pellet...
  10. JTolbert

    RecTeq turning off app remote start up feature?

    @SmokeZilla I appreciate your response and like your suggestion. And yes I feel most people would eventually be amenable to these changes. I like to have faith in the human spirit to for the most part to be reasonable and try and do good for the good of all, obviously not always the case, nor...
  11. JTolbert

    Remote Start Regulation

    Well as I sit here on a cold gloomy Ohio day, feeling the full affects of cabin fever do I dare mention that removing my grille remote start feature is just the government taking my guns away!.......wait for it!....wait for it!. Aaaah I'm just funning about of way I want that...
  12. JTolbert

    RecTeq turning off app remote start up feature?

    Didn't want to join this conversation but this gentleman and a few others have correctly identified the issue. I work in the construction industry as an electrician and this issue being discussed here is no different than any other that may exist in the world. The world has become a CYA (cover...
  13. JTolbert

    Question on trimming a brisket

    I watched multiple videos on trimming brisket and I think it was an Aaron Franklin video where he recommended trimming that fat out. And for me it works great it allows the brisket to lay more flat and my results have been that the two temperatures flat and point track more evenly through the...
  14. JTolbert

    Prime rib for the win!!!

    The BFG turned out yet another amazing product beautiful prime rib. Perfect and delicious. Love these machines
  15. JTolbert

    BFG BFG 2500 Front Shelf and Fire Pot

    To crashwood and rhouser congrats to you both on the new round firepots, as I'm sure both of you have figured out by now, this new pot us a performance based upgrade as owners with the old rectangle fire pot got far less smoke at lower settings. IMO and based on various old videos(rectangle)vs...
  16. JTolbert

    Bullseye 380x how to convince the wife

    Yeah like ask forgiveness better than permission. After many discussions with the wife I just seized an opportunity when she went on a vacation....i ordered my BFG she returned home shortly before it got delivered. I was at work and told here she would be getting a delivery...slightly bigger...
  17. JTolbert

    Chuck Roast

    Just like brisket the way I do them. They are generally smaller cook quicker. But same temp philosophy. Wrap em at 165 170. Problem has become they are not much cheaper than brisket, at least in Ohio. So I'll just go brisket
  18. JTolbert

    Bull Free cold smoker is standard on the rt 700!

    Lots of great info already, I'll just add my 2 cents. You mentioned the controller change I'd investigate the auger settings minimum feed rate and think there's a setting you can change from the app. I started playing with minimum feed rate(accessible on the controller) on my bfg, it was at like...
  19. JTolbert

    New round fire pot BFG

    I was thinking of experimenting, find some way to block part of the pot see if it added smoke or just what might happen if anything
  20. JTolbert

    New round fire pot BFG