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  1. okie

    Bull Free cold smoker is standard on the rt 700!

    Three things: 1. BEFORE turning the temp down to 250, Close the lid and see if the temp goes up above your setting. If so, wait until it comes back down to the setting, and then turn it down to 250 and wait till it gets there, then turn off. If you have a bonfire in the fire pot before turning...
  2. okie

    Bull Tri tip, low and slow

    So how do you cook medium "rear"? Doesn't sound too palatable to me. I really like the low slow brisket style TT.
  3. okie

    Bull First Cook Complete..

    Just go to You Tube. Search for Recteq Meat Probe Calibration and see the simple way to adjust the probes.
  4. okie

    Just bought a 700. Never owned a smoker before

    Welcome to RTF. Keep us informed of your setup, and first cooks.
  5. okie

    No Mo Burn Back

    Still no burn backs?
  6. okie

    Stampede Burn in complete

    Just turn the smoker 180* then the low end will be where the grease drains. However, make sure that it is level from front to back of grates so grease does not follow gravity to the front or rear support areas. It will then run down the sides to the bottom of the barrel. I use floor tiles to...
  7. okie

    Stampede The RecTeq phone app and an overNight cook on the 590

    You will have over 20hrs of pellet supply, so no worries there. You can set the app for temp extremes high or low using the meat probes. Just make sure your smoker is in an open space away from overhangs and flammables. That the drip pan is clean and grease bucket empty. I also put a couple of...
  8. okie

    Foiling the Drip Pan

    Gonna try Traeger 780 model drip liners. Fit snugly at front and back and length is also adequate. I measured 15 3/8 " from front to back and that is almost exactly correct. With 1070 on level porch, and with the liner slightly with curled up edges,,,,should not leak as long a flow is left to...
  9. okie

    Vacuum Sealers

    Nesco V12. Now on 2nd year. simple, and reliable. About $115 on Amazon. Will do wet, dry, or double seal. I would buy again, after two mediocre Food Savers.
  10. okie

    Stampede Swapping pellets

    :sleep::sleep::sleep: Wake me when it's over.
  11. okie

    Bullseye Power supply and ground wire

    I don't like foiling or not foiling it either way. Got tired of scraping last month and went back to foil. If you fold it up and back inside the edges, you should not get any grease inside and no interference with air flow. But, make sure there are no holes in the foil. I find that Reynolds, has...
  12. okie

    Stampede Soon to be a new 590 owner

    Have had a 590 and bought 2 more for my children. All have been super both in cooking and reliability. I have replaced mine with 1070 (in which the barrel is a similar design) and am pleased with it as well. I think you will be happy with the 590. Enjoy!!
  13. okie

    RT-1070 Question bout the controller location

    When I took the control panel off for inspection, I found that the bottom of the cook barrel is heavily insulated to prevent heat transfer into the mechanical and control area. You can feel almost no heat on the panel that holds the controls when doing a hot cook!!! No problemo !
  14. okie

    Rec Teq temp probe alternative?

    Been so happy with my "Meater" that I have not yet tested or used my RT probes that came with the 1070. However, if needed, the RT probes can be adjusted with the control. Not sure how much change is allowed, but have used the adjustment with my probes on my original 590. (now owned and loved...
  15. okie

    No Mo Burn Back

    Got it. Thought he meant doing my routine on the 680 would be more expensive (would cost nothing). Let us know if your fix is permanent. Sorry for my confusion.
  16. okie

    No Mo Burn Back

    How? More expensive?
  17. okie

    No Mo Burn Back

    Bottom line: I would not do a technical electronic mod (and void my warranty) before trying someone’s simple adjustment of control instructions.
  18. okie

    No Mo Burn Back

    Probably, if you freeze the Tomahawk pack and ship to me overnight during a full moon.
  19. okie

    No Mo Burn Back

    Try 500*, leave it at that temp for 15 minutes, then open lid for a couple of minutes (mimicking time to check and remove cook), then just shut it off. That would be more like what triggers most burn backs. Mine were all after 450* to 500*. (steaks, chops and burgers). I would agree that 30...