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    RT-1250 wifi connection dropped

    or something on the Recteq side....I saw something on this forum that if too many people are on the Recteq servers, then it will be offline. Who knows....glad it's up and running now.
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    RT-1250 wifi connection dropped

    After spending a few hours on this last night I finally gave up and went to bed. This morning I decided to try again without changing anything and it recognized the smoker and fired right up. Hopefully this was a fluke, but I'll keep an eye on it. Looking forward to smoking something to bring...
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    RT-1250 wifi connection dropped

    It is a royal PITA to get it set up initially, but after that it should work....and it did for 3 1/2 months, but now it's not frustrating.
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    RT-1250 wifi connection dropped

    I've had my 1250 for a few months now. It was a royal PITA to get connected the first time due to our Orbi 5g wifi system with new iPhones etc. Anyway, I finally got it connected and it has worked perfectly for the ~ 8-10 cooks we've done. It's been a few weeks since we used it, but today the...
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    Connecting Wi-Fi on 5G system

    I had to spend far too many hours today getting my RT1250 set up on my wifi. My router set-up doesn't allow separating 2.4 and 5 GHz and my location makes it tough to not have my phone connect to 5 GHz when approaching the smoker. Anyway, now that I finally got it working can I unplug my RT...
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    RT-1250 RT-1250 arrived today!!

    Looks good! My 1250 arrived it built up. I'll hopefully get to the burn in and first cook this weekend :)
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    Ordered RT-1250

    New member....ordered the RT1250 last week on launch day. Here to start learning before it arrives. Now to figure out what pellets to start with and where to buy. Also any necessary accessories other than food :)