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    Show us what you're cooking...

    You may have broken some unwritten BBQers code with such a nice fresh salad. 🤣
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    Show us what you're cooking...

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    Sear grates opinions

    Same here. I haven’t used mine since last spring. Quite frankly, I felt like the higher heat searing steaks made them a bit tough. Nowadays, I cook my steaks on my RT-700 at 275/300 to 125 degrees F then put a quick sear on my gas grill or my flattop (Grilla Grills Primate). Once, I did the...
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    Hello from Albany NY

    Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the new pellet grill. I’ve got an older RT-700 but have thoroughly enjoyed it. Best wishes on all your cooking with the new grill.
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    Select Bear Mountain Pellets at Walmart

    Years ago, I used to buy BBQrs Delight pellets BECAUSE they used oak as their filler…versus Traeger pellets that used to use alder as their filler. And I used to get a couple of bags of 100% oak pellets. I especially like using them when grilled steaks and burgers. That was over 15 years ago...
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    Pellets get stuck in buckethead vac hose - what to do?

    If you got the Buckethead vacuum idea from something I’ve posted, I’m sorry you are having this issue. I’ve not had that problem before. After reading other responses, maybe those suggestions may help you. And to be clear from my post regarding the bucket head vacuum, I don’t clear out my...
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    RT-1070 Bull horns. Have you ever wondered why the bull horns on the grill are installed pointing in when bull horns always point outward.

    I’ve turned mine outward primarily because it gets in the way of space on my front (popup) tray on my RT-700 making it awkward when I put a large pan on the tray before putting food on or off the pellet grill. However, I did turn them back inward after a couple of months. First reason is it...
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    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    Not necessarily. @SmokeZilla thinks my Primate is a “griddle plate”. It’s got the same cast iron plancha my old Blackstone had,..fired by 4 high-btu gas burners.
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    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    I’m not sure why you think this is a “griddle plate”. It’s a full-size cast iron plancha. It every bit as big as the Blackstone I used to have. It’s fired by four high-BTU gas burners. This is not a Grill Grates or some lightweight metal plate.
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    Gas Grills

    I’ve been pleased with my Grilla Grills Primate. It comes with stainless steel grates as well as a cast iron griddle. So I can do standard gas grilling or put the griddle on for all the things one might use a Blackstone for.
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    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    I have a Grilla Grills Primate. I primarily use it with the full-sized griddle on it. It certainly broadens my cooking repertoire. On reverse sears, I’ll cook my steaks on the RT-700 then slap ‘em on the Primate for the quick sear. (Using the grill’s stainless steel grates with high gas heat...
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    RecTeqForum Re-Organization - Feedback appreciated!

    I had a number of pics from my Easter cook…except…the final product. Things got hectic as I got the meal ready and folks were hungry. I simply forgot the finished photos. So I didn’t post any pics. 😬
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    So did I make a bad decision ?

    I did a lot of research before I bought my RT-700 3 or 4 years ago. It came down to the Grilla Grill’s Silverbac and the RecTeq RT-700. I was impressed by both. What tilted me to RecTeq was that I was able to drive over to their facility in Evans, Ga, from Charleston SC, in 2 1/2 hours and...
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    Bull What side tends to run hotter on the RecTeq Bull?

    I have always “felt” the left side is hotter based on a number of cooks where the left seems to get done a little quicker. That’s on long cooks.
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    Trailblazer Water tray?

    On this forum I’ve seen some postings saying the smokestack end is hotter. I’ve read and have understood that the RTD probe end is hotter due to the up slope of the drip tray is on that end. So I’m not sure but maybe the shoulder was on the hotter end of the cooking chamber. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Ove Glove aroma (bbq gloves)

    I have a couple of the Harbor Freight (light blue) nitrile gloves too…both the .5 mil and .7 mil. I have a hard time getting the .7 mil gloves on with the cotton gloves. So I save those for cleaning the grill or when I use chemical products. I will be using the HF .5 mil gloves when I use...
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    Ove Glove aroma (bbq gloves)

    I have a pair of Grilla Gloves from Grilla Grills. They’re good. Lately, I’ve been using these lightweight cotton gloves with a RecTeq nitrile glove outside of that. I feel I have better tactile feel/grip than the bigger gloves. (See picture)...
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    St Paddy’s Day 2024…Corned Beef Cook

    If I see some still at Costco when I go this week, I may pickup one or two. I also wanted to ask, do any of you soak your corned beef in water for any length of time before cooking it? I’m guessing not if you’re slow cooking it in a pot. I’m asking because two recipes I saw last week both...
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    RT-1250 Where to place 12 pound brisket on RecTeq 1250?

    @Mozekian …you may have seen it in my separate post but I did my St Paddy’s Day 2024 corned beef cook fat side up on the middle shelf and a “water pan” (beer pan) underneath. Turned out very good with no noticeable dryness on the underside. Pics were provided. Hopefully, that helps some. I...
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    Spring Cleaning

    When y’all use a pressure washer on your respective RecTeqs, where do you do that at? I wouldn’t want to do that anywhere near the house, driveway, patio etc. I’ve got a smallish yard. And I’d be reluctant to have all that grease & runoff on my lawn. 🤷🏼‍♂️ And that internal light in my 700...