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  1. Jvonberg72

    Select Bear Mountain Pellets at Walmart

    Has anyone tried the Jack Daniel’s old no 7 pellets? It says they’re premium blended pellets with charcoal used in the filtering process when they make the whiskey.
  2. Jvonberg72

    RecTeqForum Re-Organization - Feedback appreciated!

    Thanks Mike and everyone that suggested different forum ideas. I am a fairly new member and enjoy this site to learn about grilling, recipes, techniques, seeing what others cook and getting ideas on future cooks. Personally I am not that concerned on what cooker was used as I am a long time...
  3. Jvonberg72

    Remove pellets after wrap

    On my 1250 the left side is the coolest, center is closest to the reported temperature and the right is the hottest. The more meat the more even the temperature…. So I try to cook more meat per cook!
  4. Jvonberg72

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Can you explain the meatballs cooking over the chili? Haven’t seen that before, I assume you break up into the chili after to avoid pre-cooking? Thanks
  5. Jvonberg72

    Superbowl Cooks - Whatcha Cooking?

    I made pig candy, smoked wings and sausages. All were delicious. After reading on one of the posts this week I also threw in 2 spams during the cook. Crackers with Brie cheese, strawberry habanero jam and smoked spam were the hit of all the appetizers. Who knew? Of course this forum did!
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    Show us what you're cooking...

    Thank you! I plan to give it a try soon.
  7. Jvonberg72

    Show us what you're cooking...

    That looks great! Are you willing to share your process? I have never cured or cold smoked meat but we love charcuterie and have always been interested in trying it.
  8. Jvonberg72

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Christmas prime rib from Costco. Turned out great. 250F on the RT1250 until 130ish then rested.
  9. Jvonberg72

    Most Toys?

    I want one!
  10. Jvonberg72

    Off Day 2= Chuck Roast experiment

    Thanks posted pics in another thread it turned out great. I rested it during my son’s HS football game that went long so would have pulled it at 190 vs 195 to rest but no complaints!
  11. Jvonberg72

    Chuck Roast

    The results
  12. Jvonberg72

    Chuck Roast

    I just cooked two 3.5 lbs chuck roasts on Friday at 225. put both in a foil pan and covered around 160 (based on bark and temp). Cooked to 195, took 7hrs and 15 minutes plus rest time
  13. Jvonberg72

    Off Day 2= Chuck Roast experiment

    My local GS had chuck Roast buy one get one, so bought two 3.5lbs. I plan to cook low and slow either 225 or 250. I need them done around 4 or 5pm then will rest during sons HS football game. Should I cook overnight or early morning to get to approximately 200? Thanks
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    Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

    After reading this last night…..
  15. Jvonberg72

    Happy Labor Day Weekend! Whatcha cooking?

    Tri tip and wings on the 1250
  16. Jvonberg72

    RT-1250 Tips for taking care of your grill(s)

    Thanks for the replies. Sounds like basic maintenance and cleaning, don’t overthink it, have fun cooking!
  17. Jvonberg72

    RT-1250 Tips for taking care of your grill(s)

    Hi all, I received my new 1250 3 weeks ago and have been loving it. I have been spending way too much time cooking, buying meat and accessories, and reading this forum. Thanks for all the great advice on recipes and spending my $ without even knowing it. i haven’t been able to find a good...