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  1. Wslayer

    Non stick coating for drip pan ?

    @Jim6820, totally agree. . .
  2. Wslayer

    Grill Grates - yes or no?

    May want to change up where you purchase meat from. Some places have tougher meat because they can get it cheaper.
  3. Wslayer

    Wood chips in the hopper

    I've mixed pellets and chips in tube. That works fine.
  4. Wslayer

    Wood chips in the hopper

    Why, they are pellet grills. Why risk jamming the auger up. Want the extra chip smoke, put it in a tube.
  5. Wslayer

    Delivery tomorrow

    Either thermometers in each corner or bread test to learn your hotspots, and then just enjoy. Lot of people foil their drip pan for easier cleanup, others just go with it and scrap as needed. I vacuum out about every 5th cook.
  6. Wslayer

    Stampede Smoked a brisket & figured something out today

    Yep, exactly what I do. 275°
  7. Wslayer

    Stampede Searing Kit, worth it?

    You don't get all the crap sticking to Blackstone with cover on. When I fire it up on high, surface temp has reached 633°. Little water spritzed and scraper and can be cooking in 15 mins. Just what I think is much easier than the big cumbersome griddle.
  8. Wslayer

    Stampede Searing Kit, worth it?

    When not used for weeks between uses, needs to be washed. Spiders, bugs, etc will stick to the greased surface when kept in the garage or shed unless gonna garbage bag it after each use. Blackstone with cover is a much better option when needing griddle.
  9. Wslayer

    Stampede Searing Kit, worth it?

    Griddle is another piece just taking up space. Too damn big to try and wash if don't have a slop sink
  10. Wslayer

    Stampede Smoked a brisket & figured something out today

    Right side of my 590 is hotter than the other. 4 calibrated thermometer in 4 quarters. RR =hottest about 8° FR 2nd LR 3rd LF 4th
  11. Wslayer

    Stampede Searing Kit, worth it?

    Rarely use.
  12. Wslayer

    Bullseye Do most users unplug their Bullseye after use?

    Not sure why one wouldn't unplug. Maybe full 2 seconds to plug back in.
  13. Wslayer

    Stampede Dripping not going in drip bucket

    Been there, grease ran the wrong way. Not very pretty. . .
  14. Wslayer

    Where’s the smoke ring?

    Agree with @Jim6820 in post #16
  15. Wslayer

    Stampede Life Changing Move

    I would think this should be legit | SHP...
  16. Wslayer

    A-Maze-N Tray

    Used both tray and 6" tube. Tray is good for cold smoke with dust.
  17. Wslayer

    Stampede Lets talk Cold smoke
  18. Wslayer

    Bull Why Should I Name My Meat Probes?

    Don't, leave them A & B. Its just so you know what is where.
  19. Wslayer

    Bull Exploding 700????

    That's prime example why to leave lid open until burning. Shut off normal but let cycle before unplugging.
  20. Wslayer

    Getting false message 'Your Grill has reached temperature"

    Never plugged in when not using so no big deal here.