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  1. Greg Jones

    Meat inflation ruining barbecue

    Just be careful that you are not paying a premium for grass fed, grain finished. Unless beef is 100% grass fed, everything else is grass fed, grain finished. There is absolute a difference in 100% grass fed beef and dairy products. If you have ever had Kerrygold butter, you probably already...
  2. Greg Jones

    recteq grills uncovered

    No need to apologize! I was just suggesting that your question may get more responses in its own thread.
  3. Greg Jones

    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    My first griddle was a Blackstone and any wind at all made it unusable. I would have expected that they addressed that better in the years since. I’ve now also owned a Pit Boss and last year bought a Halo. These folks, especially Halo, have the wind thing figured out.
  4. Greg Jones

    recteq grills uncovered

    You perhaps will get better/more responses if you start a new topic, as this one is not about keeping the grill clean.
  5. Greg Jones

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Never had one myself, but they look great!
  6. Greg Jones

    RT-1070 Bull horns. Have you ever wondered why the bull horns on the grill are installed pointing in when bull horns always point outward.

    Having been raised on a farm where we had beef cattle, @Waterboy is correct. We never had cattle that had the Texas Longhorn look. Our cattle, (mostly Angus, Hereford, Charolais, or a mix) if we never dehorned them in the first place, the horns were pointed up or curved in like a recteq grill.
  7. Greg Jones

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Looks great! For me personally, pork tenderloin is one of the toughest cooks to do well on anything. Almost zero fat and so easy to dry out-did I not get an invite for dinner?
  8. Greg Jones

    Pellets get stuck in buckethead vac hose - what to do?

    Frustrating, no doubt!I find that it (often) jams at a bend in the hose. Just straighten the hose, feel for the hard spot in the hose, squeeze it a few times, and it clears without ever needing to turn the vac off. I’d get a dedicated vac for ash removal myself, but perhaps others here have...
  9. Greg Jones

    Blackstone or comparable griddle owners here?

    Not all of them. And thanks to recteq, not all griddles are powered by propane OR electric. Add to that the fact that many griddles can be converted to natural gas. I expect that most here have an understanding of what someone means when they say griddle or gas grill.
  10. Greg Jones

    Trailblazer Tri-tip Santa Maria style

    I’ve seen Winnie on some Harry Soo YouTube videos, and while I know she is good at BBQ, how she located the financing for what she is doing is even better!
  11. Greg Jones

    RT-1250 Spare Parts on Hand?

    The one part on a recteq that seems to be most prone to failure is the igniter, and you can light your grill with a MAPP torch. I keep no spare parts for my recteqs.
  12. Greg Jones

    Sear grates opinions

    The sear kit from recteq is made by GrillGrates so I would shop them for where I could get the best deal. As far as the utility, I used them a lot when I cooked on a BGE and also when I cooked on the Bullseye. Frankly, I can’t even remember the last time I used mine because I like my burgers on...
  13. Greg Jones

    Select Bear Mountain Pellets at Walmart

    I’m the same way. Different pellets may smell different when burning, but when the food is on the plate I don’t think I would ever be able to tell a difference.
  14. Greg Jones

    The “Heavy D” Stick Burning Heat Diffuser

    I have one in my RT-700. I’ve not put wood in it for years now because as mentioned it is not convenient to get to. Smoking chunks are not hard to find, so I don’t see that alone being a drawback. I’ve kept it in the grill because it doesn’t warp like my OEM part did, but with today’s cast iron...
  15. Greg Jones

    Wind Therapy

    Nice, congrats! My wife and I are both on our second marriage, so I don’t think 40 years is in the cards for us. But I will happily take 25 and counting!
  16. Greg Jones

    Wind Therapy

    Oh yes! There was nothing like the muscle cars from the late 60’s to the early ‘70s. Such a timeless look for cars 50 years old today. I’d take the look of that 1970 Chevelle over anything made today. Other than the vinyl top. Can’t say I was a fan of those.
  17. Greg Jones

    Wind Therapy

    Less filling! I had a ‘72 myself.
  18. Greg Jones

    Wind Therapy

    I also have this. Loaned it to my son and daughter 22+years ago but both are still in the house. The rides that is, I kicked the kids to the curb a long time ago!
  19. Greg Jones

    Wind Therapy

    Also, for 25 years now the redhead but she will smack the s*it out of me if she see sees this!
  20. Greg Jones

    Wind Therapy