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  1. ringosmoke

    RT-1070 Bull horns. Have you ever wondered why the bull horns on the grill are installed pointing in when bull horns always point outward.

    I find them annoying, silly looking and a pain to negotiate when putting on or taking off the grill cover. Keep thinking about replacing them with old MTB bicycle crank arms.
  2. ringosmoke

    RecTeqForum Re-Organization - Feedback appreciated!

    Grand idea @Mike Thank you!
  3. ringosmoke

    What is your frying pan of choice?

    Searing meats: Lodge 12" cast iron Braising some stir-fry, etc.: Le Creuset 7.5 qt dutch oven Most other things: 30+ year old Calphalon Commercial anodized aluminum
  4. ringosmoke

    RecTeq turning off app remote start up feature?

    Beyond squelching this thread-off-the-rails that has morphed into conspiracy theory nonsense, the ignore button just got a workout too.
  5. ringosmoke

    Possible remote start work around - USE AT YOUR OWN RSK

    Deaths, maybe not so much- blowing the cover off on startup and catching an adjacent structure on fire (or worse) probably happens more often. I have no use for remote start and avoid overnight cooks since my 1250 is sitting on a 12x18 wooden deck. I just switched auto and home insurance...
  6. ringosmoke

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Dry rub overnight frigitated & apple slice external/internal tucked in, 2+ lb. bourbon bacon-wrapped and smoked pork tenderloin. The stainless fish spatlua was just large enough to coax off of the RT-1250 :) I did the heavy lifting a day in advance and then sliced and heated before "devouring"...
  7. ringosmoke

    Prime Rib, just a little different

    I went with trimmed and trussed beef tenderloin (low and slow then cranked up the heat to sizzle for the last ~5 mins) this year. Turned out as expected with an awesome smoke ring (a bit more "done" than I prefer, because my sister-in-law required less color (we tossed her the ENDS lol).
  8. ringosmoke

    Searing Steaks

    Haven't tried deep frying. Most consistent results for me are reverse searing (@200-225 F) up to 120 F, remove/rest and crank the grill up to 400-550 F and toss back on for 3-5 mins until internal temp hits 130-135 F. I angle toward the higher temps with thicker cuts. My brother-in-law brings...
  9. ringosmoke

    Caved and getting an apron

    After too many splashes on sort of nice clothes, I'm caving in and getting an apron. Doing the same (with a different apron) for my gravel and mountain bike maintenance ops. Have others gone there or maybe considering the "barber" look?
  10. ringosmoke

    Show us what you're cooking...

    Back at it smoking beef short ribs. Just dropped a couple skewers of potatoes underneath to join the party.
  11. ringosmoke

    Happy Labor Day Weekend! Whatcha cooking?

    Current situation: "not 3-2-1" St. Louis ribs are smoking away...
  12. ringosmoke

    Sad Day for Parrot Heads

    RIP. He was a class act :( I blew out a flip flop the other week and now regret not mounting it on the wall.
  13. ringosmoke

    RT-1250 Has anyone tried wood chunks on the cast iron deflector?

    I have some leftover wood chunks from my previous grill and might soak a handful and give it a try.
  14. ringosmoke

    Which RecTeq; RT1050 or RT1250

    +1 - more grilling surface area FTW. I went through the same debate earlier this year. Ended up going with the 1250 and have no regrets. Agree that the wheels are not the greatest and I really do not like the bull horn handles either, especially when deploying or removing the cover.
  15. ringosmoke

    Pellets…my observations…

    @BigDog- Fired up a spatchcocked chicken for 3rd cook with 50/50 mix of RecTeq premium and Royal Oak charcoal pellets. Wifey gave it the thumbs up though still thinks not using the charcoal pellets tastes quite good too. Both she and I did not like Bear Mountain for most things (other than...
  16. ringosmoke

    Pellets…my observations…

    Thanks. No sauce; typically serve it with a salad (+ a light citrus or vinaigrette dressing) and rice or seared potatoes.
  17. ringosmoke

    Pellets…my observations…

    2nd cook with 50/50 pellet mix. Fresh swordfish this time @425 (til it hit 110 F, then lowered to 345 and flipped then pulled at 130 F). Definitely more smoke visibly but not so much additional in terms of flavor.
  18. ringosmoke

    Pellets…my observations…

    @BigDog - 1st cook with 50/50 mix of RecTeq ultimate blend and Royal Oak charcoal pellets completed. (yes, it is time for a drip tray foil change 🙂) Can't say we noticed much difference in the smoky flavor of marinated flank steak. I'll try a longer cook or reverse sear next.
  19. ringosmoke

    Show us what you're cooking...

    A new "twist" on pork tenderloin (one skewer weave) 😁
  20. ringosmoke

    Stampede 590 Height?

    I'm still adjusting to the low height of RT-1250. Sizzled the tips of my hands more than a handful of times now (as a taller sort of person haha). Other than that, no complaints about the grill or support responsiveness (answering a few rather mundane questions).