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  1. BradBQ


    If you have a Kroger near you, their Private Selection Guatemalan Antiguan is awesome and affordable. Have a hard time drinking anything else.
  2. BradBQ

    Where’s the smoke ring?

    Are you cooking fat cap up or down? Ive found cooking fat cap down results in a better smoke ring. Im not trying to start the fat cap up vs fat cap down discussion as it is old as time, but I have found in several briskets fat cap down produces a more pronounced smoke ring.
  3. BradBQ

    Patio 410 just not seeing any wifi any tips

    With it being the dual controller it shouldnt matter, but I know for several of us it took us getting our grill to just about the edge of signal to get it to connect. Might be worth a shot if itll be a simple fix. Outside of that a call to recteq will be your best bet. Theyre super accommodating.
  4. BradBQ

    Stampede Debating 590 vs 700

    Im single and have the 700. I cook for holidays and parties sometimes so the grill can get filled pretty quick. I even installed two sliding shelves in my 700 and sometimes still push it for room. Id say go the 700. If you get a pan on or an instance where need to cook a little extra, youll be...
  5. BradBQ

    Stampede Snow?

    Ive cooked with that much snow and much colder with no cover. Like @Greg Jones said, expect higher pellet consumption but it will chug along just fine. EDIT: I guess it is noteworthy I have a 700 and not a 590 so your results may vary.
  6. BradBQ

    Wagyu Beef Tallow

    Ive injected a choice packer with tallow for a holiday and spread the excess as a binder. If you dont keep it to a very thin layer, it will come right off. I would recommend using something like mustard and save the tallow for the wrap (or inject if youre feeling frisky). The tallow can be...
  7. BradBQ

    Bull Wheel problem

    I just had an issue with my caster as well. Give recteq a call. They had a new set on the way in 10 minutes.
  8. BradBQ

    Stampede Heat shied warping

    ** Skynet goes live **
  9. BradBQ

    Stampede Lo Temp Reality

    Lo bounces between 180-200 in my experience but mainly hovers close to 180. Still plenty low for whatever you need to do unless youre cold smoking which 180 is too hot for anyways. If you can smoke a block of cream cheese at 200 and it not melt, I think itll be plenty low for whatever youre...
  10. BradBQ

    Incredible Subzero Performance

    I had mine out in -4* (-37* with wind chill), no cover, not back up against a wall or covered and ol Cheech kept smoking and temps without a problem! Did see a pellet consumption increase but I felt that was to be expected.
  11. BradBQ

    Bull Clicking

    Its a super common issue when shutting down when higher than 250 with burnbacks in the auger tube which would explain that part. The clicking is most likely just the auger slightly breaking any pellets that are a bit too long. Mine does the same thing from time to time and I have no issues due...
  12. BradBQ

    Bull Clicking

    Did it get below 250 before you shut down?
  13. BradBQ

    Ideas for my new smoke box

    As long as you keep it at 200 or below it wont melt on you. And let me tell you it will be a constant thing once you try it haha
  14. BradBQ

    Stampede Tuff chicken

    I would agree with @Motodad1776 . 175 in a breast is a recipe for very dry chicken as there is just not enough fat there. Although I do usually take my thighs to 175 as I feel they turn out better at that temp, but 165 is certainly the number to shoot for. In terms of your skin you may have...
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    The price difference between a box of rubs and sauces at 90 bucks and the shelf at 110 is negligible imo. Either way I see your point, just would rather ask for something that is more useful that is 20 bucks more than take a 90 dollar box of rubs and sauces that will sit on a shelf for a year...
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    Honestly might even be able to squeeze a bit more out of them! I leveraged that and a dent and got the paint and a free folding front shelf for my troubles. Whats the worst that can happen? They say no?
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    Call RT. I had some scratches when my arrived and they sent me out some touchup paint for free.
  18. BradBQ

    What did you name your RecTeq?

    Maverick (unbranded or wild bull)
  19. BradBQ

    BFG Korea's First User

    You have a larger area to warm in the BFG which will result in a hotter burning fire to maintain thus less smoke. I definitely understand the frustration but a 10 dollar smoke tube, despite you not feeling you should have to, will help. Good luck with you issue and I hope you find a resolution.
  20. BradBQ

    Bull Blank LCD display

    I wonder if this guy ever got his new controller or if something kicked the LCD back on