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  1. Mlmurrah

    Kafta on the Bull

    I recently cooked these ground beef kafta kababs, a Middle Eastern dish, on my new Bull. The meat is seasoned with Sadaf kafta seasoning from Amazon. The kebabs were formed with an Easy Kabab Maker, also from Amazon. I am still getting used to pellet grill cooking, and I overcooked them a bit...
  2. Mlmurrah

    Corn on the Cob

    I have been cooking corn on the cob for years on charcoal and gas grills. I like to cook it until it chars slightly. The only time I have tried corn on the Bull I did not get a char, and we may be forced to fire up the gas grill for corn. Any ideas on how to get a char on corn on the cobb on a...
  3. Mlmurrah

    Which Interior Shelf?.

    I have the Bull and am considering an interior shelf. Does the large one make the main grate hard to access? Is the small shelf a good compromise? Are there other advantages or disadvantages of each?
  4. Mlmurrah

    Beer Can Chicken Myth?

    O Wise Ones, what say ye? Does a can of beer make any difference in the result? I am reading that it is a myth and may actually slow the cooking. They say the chicken is effectively a coozie that insulates the beer can and prevents it from heating to a boil, keeping the inside from cooking properly.
  5. Mlmurrah

    What Happened to Rubs and Sauces?

    The Rec Tec site says "Rubs and sauces will be back soon." What happened?
  6. Mlmurrah

    Krud Kutter v. Weber Exterior Grill Cleaner

    I cleaned my grill today and used Krud Kutter, which was recommended in a You Tube video on cleaning the Bull. It was marginal, and I gave up on it. On a whim I decided to try the Weber cleaner that I had bought for a charcoal grill and never used. As soon as I sprayed it on, the difference...
  7. Mlmurrah

    Anyone Done Kofta?

    We lived in the Detroit area for 10 years, and there are many Middle Easter restaurants in the area. I grew to like Middle Eastern food, and one dish that I particularly like is kofta, which is seasoned ground beef, chicken or mutton cooked as a kebab. I am thinking of trying some on the Bull...
  8. Mlmurrah

    For Sale Wide Legs for 700 FREE

    I just installed the competition cart and have stock wide legs cart available. They were on the Bull for only a couple of weeks. FREE. Pay shipping or pick up locally at Huntsville, TX.
  9. Mlmurrah

    What to Do with Surplus Bull Stock Cart

    I replaced the original Bull cart with the competition cart. It makes no sense to store the original cart, but I'd rather not take it to the metal salvage yard. I know that you can make a cooking cart from it, but I do not need one. Are there other things that can be done with the leftover...
  10. Mlmurrah

    Good Experience with Lumber Jack Mesquite Pellets

    I like a very smoky flavor, and one reason it took me so long to buy a pellet grill was my concern that it was not as smoky as a stick burner or even a charcoal smoker with wood flavor chunks. I got my Bull a couple of weeks ago, and I did a couple of short smokes using Rec Tec Competition...
  11. Mlmurrah

    Another FIrst Brisket on the Bull

    I put on an 8# brisket on my Bull at 2:45 AM this morning to meet a 3 PM meal time. I used my blend rub of heavy pepper, light salt (low salt diet here), cumin, garlic powder, onion pepper, and oregano with Frank's hot sauce as sticking agent. I used Lumber Jack Mesquite blend pellets and set...
  12. Mlmurrah

    Transfer Grill to Competition Base

    I am ready to transfer my 700 from the stock base to the competition base. I am told it can be done most easily standing up rather than lying down as when first assembled. It seems to me, however, that the leg tops might spread when the bolts are removed letting the grill slip down.. I am...
  13. Mlmurrah

    Wifi Connectivity and VPNs

    I have been trying for a week to get my iPhone to connect to the wifi on my new Bull. I tried splitting my wifi signal into separate 2.4 and 5 GHz channels, made sure my phone was on a 2.4 GHz channel, located a wifi extender right next to my grill, and tried a separate wifi hotspot. I spent...
  14. Mlmurrah

    Cold Smoking Cheese

    Cold smoking cheese sounds intriguing. What kind of cheese do I need and how do I do it?
  15. Mlmurrah

    Auger Access Panel Replacement

    I replaced the auger access panel (the cubical shroud under the pellet hopper) that was bent in shipping and had no problem doing so. There ware holes drilled for the serial number placard, but I can't figure out how to remove it from the old panel. At first I thought it was held on by screws...
  16. Mlmurrah

    RT-700 Shipping Damage

    My RT-700 arrived a couple of days ago with several gouges in the box, but initially it did not appear that there was any damage to the gtill. After assembly noticed a couple of damaged areas. The glass covering the interior light is broken, and the shroud below the pellet hopper is bent at the...
  17. Mlmurrah

    Alternative to Chicken Thighs for First Cook

    My family does not like dark meat chicken. Is there a good greasy alternative to chicken thighs for the first cook?
  18. Mlmurrah

    Cook Cart from RT-700 Stock Legs

    On another site I saw a photo of what appeared to be a cook cart built from the RT-700 stock legs. I have the competition cart on order and need a side cart for use with my smoker. It appears that it would be pretty easy to bolt some 2x4s on the legs and attach some sort of top surface. Has...
  19. Mlmurrah

    Competition Cart Question

    Does the competition cart completely replace the stock legs? I.E., to install the competition cart, do you remove the stock legs?
  20. Mlmurrah

    New RT-700 Owner

    I finally broke down and ordered an RT-700 a couple of days ago. It should arrive by Thursday. In the past I owned a Longhorn Deluxe horizontal stick burner. I like the idea of a wood smoker, but I was never able to control the temperature very well. Then I got a Weber Smokey Mountain, and...