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  1. charlesrshell

    Do most users unplug their Bullseye after use?

    I always unplug my Bullseye. Don't want to chance it starting for no reason.
  2. charlesrshell

    Unplugging my 590

    I unplug mine. No disruption with the Wifi when I plug her back in. Don't want to chance it starting up on its own for some reason.
  3. charlesrshell

    New Knife in the House!

    I heard Gordon Ramsey the other nite on TV saying the Japanese have the best knifes.
  4. charlesrshell

    New grills from Recteq

    Have you called RecTeq?
  5. charlesrshell

    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    Yes. Didn't care for the flavor
  6. charlesrshell

    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    Can you grill on it like a normal charcoal grill? Thank you for your info.
  7. charlesrshell

    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    Did your buddy say how easy it is to clean? I am thinking of getting one. I miss the charcoal flavor in my RT grills and I don't like smoke flavored meat.
  8. charlesrshell

    Grill not heating up

    I do the same but I do it just before next cook.
  9. charlesrshell

    Just ate at Goldies, 2021 State of Texas best barbecue!

    I finally found it in Google. Fort Worth.
  10. charlesrshell

    Flaking Paint and Rust on RT-700

    Can't wait for your kooking results.
  11. charlesrshell

    Flaking Paint and Rust on RT-700

    Nice review. Thanks
  12. charlesrshell

    Flaking Paint and Rust on RT-700

    Almost got one couple years ago before the Recteq. Can't wait to read your reviews.
  13. charlesrshell

    WiFi not connecting

    Good info. Thanks
  14. charlesrshell

    Proud Papa Moment

  15. charlesrshell

    Proud Papa Moment

  16. charlesrshell

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks Greg
  17. charlesrshell


    You too
  18. charlesrshell


    Thanks. You too.
  19. charlesrshell


    You too Greg
  20. charlesrshell

    Recteq’s Cold Weather Cooking Tip

    Internet has been out since yesterday. At least our DISH satellite TV is working great.