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  1. BubbaTJ

    Chopped Brisket

    If you ever get to Fort Worth Texas, you must take time to stop in at Angelo's BBQ located on White Settlement road. This joint started in 1958 and for many years only served brisket and ribs. They since have expanded their menu with chicken and sausages. The main request at Angelo's is either a...
  2. BubbaTJ

    Pork Pig Candy (bacon)

    I used a shot of John Rich's Redneck Riviera Tennessee Whiskey mixed with honey for a great taste.
  3. BubbaTJ

    Flat top style griddle recommendations

    New RT-700 owner, also purchased the large flat griddle. Results from my first time using the griddle. Spent the suggested 4 hours to cure using grape seed oil. Next as suggested I grilled 2 lbs of bacon. The bacon turned out fine, not as crisp as I would have liked it but was plenty favorable...
  4. BubbaTJ

    Other Rec-Teq Recipe Cards -- Don't Know If I Will Get In Trouble For This

    Thanks for providing the cards. How can I print off other recipes from the Recteq website? Kind of a pain having to use an unformatted file.