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  1. JoeNizzle

    Turkey plan

    Like others have said, do not smoke poultry at 180. Cook for 325 or 350, 20 min per lb @325 and 15 min per lb @350 as an estimate only. Temperature is the only thing to go by, which is why I have a recteq to begin with. Since you will not be far away, you can keep track of the temp through the...
  2. JoeNizzle

    Giveaway: Field Cast Iron Skillet #8

    Count me in! Thanks you guys rock
  3. JoeNizzle

    Pork butt

    Awesome! Always good to hit one out the park
  4. JoeNizzle

    Pork butt

    Butcher paper works great, keeps the bark from firming up a little more. I had just recently ran out on my last brisket. Either way leaving your meats in a towel/blanket(still wrapped) cooler (cambro) is an absolute must imo. It's much better to be done way early and sit in the cooler then done...
  5. JoeNizzle

    Is my 590 going to show up with pellets?

    My bull did not have pellets with it when it arrived a couple of weeks ago
  6. JoeNizzle

    Pork butt

    No problem at all, and thank you for your service! I used about a 7.5 pound bone in pork butt Let your smoker get up to temp to 225 (I used lumberjack Maple-Hickory-Cherry blend) Pat the butt dry ;) Olive oil (mustard works too, but I ran out after my ribs a few days earlier). Cover with your...
  7. JoeNizzle

    Pork butt

    Loving my new bull. Smoked low and slow held great during an amazing colorado night/weekend. Smoked some jalapeño poppers as well. Finished the rolls last night, will make some Tacos tonight and vacuum seal the rest for later.
  8. JoeNizzle

    1st RecTeq 700

    I got mine last week, love it. You will not regret it. Already had some great results
  9. JoeNizzle

    Problem cooking Pork Loin (Not Tenderloin)

    To add to his thread I was able to get plenty of smoke ring at 240 and pull around 150ish. Was juicy and delicious.
  10. JoeNizzle

    New Member from Colorado!

    Hello all, Not new to smoking, but new to the Rec Tec/Teq family. Just got my R700 last week and have done some seasoning the last few days. So far I love the Bull, I had some issues initially with the Wifi, but changed the channel and reset of the router worked perfectly. I also added the...