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  1. Ssheridan74

    Recteq fixed something on the app!

    Notifications worked for me today. That is RARE!
  2. Ssheridan74

    Putting my 700 together. A bit of rust on the inside

    Agreed. Rust unacceptable. I had some forming on inside of lid in less than a year. They said no, blamed grease, environment, yard chemicals, etc. I filled out their customer survey with displeasure and they called and sent me a new lid.
  3. Ssheridan74

    Will notifications work today?

    👉🐻 Happy Labor Day!
  4. Ssheridan74

    New Bull Owner Here

    I tried to clean my light lense last year but the screws were stripped out. Forgot all about it. Need to file a warranty claim.
  5. Ssheridan74

    New RecTeq CEO
  6. Ssheridan74

    Need cover help!

    I’m on my second unicook cover for the Bull. The winter cold and wind wore some holes on the sharp edges.
  7. Ssheridan74

    RT then Convection Oven?

    Yeah that’s what got me thinking about my convection oven. It’s about the same thing from what I understand.
  8. Ssheridan74

    RT then Convection Oven?

    I’m no expert but have trouble getting chicken to crisp up in the RT Bull. Could I smoke them in the RT and then move them to my convection oven? If so what temp would I use in the oven and for how long? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ssheridan74


    Wife and kids got me a 45qt ICER for my birthday today. I’ve been looking at those types of coolers for a year or more. Seems to be well made and seals up extremely well. Anybody have an experiences with one?
  10. Ssheridan74

    (Possibly another) question about smoke, smoke leakage, and grease drip

    Front to back. But I was using the flat side for smash burgers. I dunno. They were 4 burgers in a clean grill. Doesn’t make sense.
  11. Ssheridan74

    (Possibly another) question about smoke, smoke leakage, and grease drip

    Good questions! I cooked 4 burgers on Grillgrates on the RH side and over the drip pan. I’ve not moved the grill since I got in April and it just started dripping on the left side in the past month. Maybe it’s unlevel and I will check. Suppose I need to RTV that spot but I didn’t see much grease...
  12. Ssheridan74

    (Possibly another) question about smoke, smoke leakage, and grease drip

    Excited to see some thoughtful replies. Mine just started dripping grease. I thoroughly cleaned it last weekend and cooked burgers on it tonight. Dripping again. Left side where the barrel and end cap meet. The burgers were on the right side.
  13. Ssheridan74

    Updated Recteq app not accurate.

    Haven’t watched the temp since last weekend, but I couldn’t trust it. Wouldn’t update with the actual temp without killing the app and opening back up. This new version is prettier but barely functional from what I have experienced. I see there’s a new update today.
  14. Ssheridan74

    40lbs? Are we sure?

    Well there we go! Thanks!
  15. Ssheridan74

    40lbs? Are we sure?

    Can anyone confirm the Bull can hold 40lb of pellets? I only do 20 at a time and it doesn’t seem like I could put in 40.
  16. Ssheridan74

    Costco Pork Butt

    Yes I bought a 14.5lb boneless pork butt at Costco last week. Was hoping for bone in but I was there and that’s all they had. Opened it up last night and it was 2! Couldn’t tell from the packaging. All the same I guess.
  17. Ssheridan74

    Happy Fathers Day 2021

    Same to you, Pops! I started 2 pork butts at 10pm last night and then added a rack of ribs this morning. Pulled all that at 3 and turned up for a Memphis dry rub rib at 4. They’re about done and will take to my parents house tomorrow. The Bull will have run nearly 24 hours straight and like a champ!
  18. Ssheridan74

    BFG auger motor in the RT-700. It's awesome!

    It did settle in at 180 and smoked like hell on mesquite pellets. Think it’s fine!