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  1. SmokeyJim

    For Sale RT 700 Smoke Box wanted

    do you still have the smokebox? been waiting for a year for one
  2. SmokeyJim

    New rt700

    Yes! I agree- was disappointed that a GA company was mostly made in China. Its not just the labor but sourcing of materials now too. Too bad since I want the highest quality possible and willing to pay a reasonable price to get it sourced and made in the US but not a crazy amount more.
  3. SmokeyJim

    Independence Day cook thread

    My Independence Day smoking took on 2 parts. Did a 6 pound pork butt starting out low and bumping it up to 275 to finish up. Changed the temp back to low when I took the butt off and finished up with a bunch of Wings.
  4. SmokeyJim

    Proud new owner of a Bull RT 700

    Proud new owner of a Bull RT 700
  5. SmokeyJim

    Problems with finding Delivery of my RecTeq 1250

    I'm like the rest of you, I researched this for nearly 2yrs, my wife finally got tired of my bemoaning the smoker choices and pushed me to pull the trigger. My only other consideration was really Grilla Silverback but RecTeq 700 got my otder on 11/30. I was starting to get a little worried...
  6. SmokeyJim

    new 700 owner here

    Just ordered my RT700 but have not got any shipping information on it yet - I've downloaded the app on my S20+ Ultra but haven't tried to connect since i don't have it yet - hope i can get mine to connect properly - will update you when it gets here.