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    What’s everyone cooking in their Recteq for Easter

    I’m going to double smoke a ham with some sweet heat rub and a caramel peach glaze
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    I get to test Customer Service

    Minor problem just popped up…literally I’ve only had my RT-1250 for a week and a half As I was cleaning the grate I noticed that a weld broke on one of the two double support ribs The grate rib on the top side is sticking up about 1/2 inch The grate is still useable but the grill grates won’t...
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    Where does everyone buy meat for their smoker or grill

    Just curious where most everyone buys the meat they smoke or grill Grocery Store Custom Butcher Sams Costco Walmart Mail Order I live in the mountains of north Georgia and have limited options Our local grocery store and Walmart is so so If I want a better selection I have to drive an hour back...
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    Smoke question

    I did the 1 hour burn in today Primed the fire pot with a handful of pellets I had great smoke for about the first 6-7 minutes Im sure that was the handful of pellets I primed with I had virtually no smoke for the rest of the hour Is this normal? I knew pellet grills were not great at smoke but...
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    Quick delivery

    I ordered my RT-1250 last Wednesday evening and it was delivered this morning at 11:00 in perfect condition by Southeastern Freight Never would have guessed I’d get it in 5 days I’ll put it together this afternoon and do the burn in Then I have to decide what to have for the first cook tomorrow
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    Finally made a decision

    After 6 months of trying to decide what brand and wich model to buy I finally made the big plunge today and ordered an RT 1250 Don't tell the wife Im going to park it between my Big Green Egg, 2 Weber Performer's and a Blackstone If I’m lucky she won’t notice I have a lot of years smoking and...