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    RT-Mini Woes

    I have always had great service from rec teq in past with with my rt 300 mini. In fact they refurbished the whole thing. My auger would seize up too. Temperature sensor was bad. I found the auger in my grill will seize up if the pellets get even slightly damp. Now I always take them out and...
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    Feed rate adjustments. RT300

    Tried but nothing to rt 300
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    Feed rate adjustments. RT300

    Could u tell me how u got there to do it?
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    Feed rate adjustments. RT300

    Could you tell me which youtube, Ihave tried and cant find it. I had printed instructions for testing all functions and lost it. It seems it started with "Press and hold up arrow and extreme smoke at same time until display starts dancing" then there were other steps. Cant find instructions...