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  1. chadinsc

    the fastest way to clean your grill

    just passing along my findings. i have scrubbed for hrs with bar keepers friend and it works great but often times leaves white paste stuck in places. simple green works good also for a quick clean. but i believe i finally figured out the ultimate way to do it guys. its so easy also. just get a...
  2. chadinsc

    grill grate factory seconds sell!

    they are doing it again boys! just got 3 more 19.25 for my rt700. will be able to go 6 wide now. get them while the last. have many sizes for all grills. i only wanted 2 more but its free shipping over $50. 3 was 54 i think
  3. chadinsc

    cheat river pellet review ($5.98 per 40lbs)

    I noticed a bag of really cheap pellets at lowes that specifically said great for pellet grills. i wanted to try them because they cost 5.98 for 40lbs. the cheat river pellets say they are made with 100 percent hardwood but do not specifically say what kind, probably changes weekly. The pellets...
  4. chadinsc

    find cheap meat!

    if your like me you like to find meat on sale. i found a free app called flipp that checks all your local sales flyers for anything on sale. pretty sweet. ribs are finally on sale in my area!!!
  5. chadinsc

    do i need a gas gril?

    i want a place to store my sear kit and some other small accessories and have been looking at prep tables that offer storage but then i thought maybe i should get a gas grill that has a cabinet under it for storage. i found a nice weber e 210 for $75 bucks im thinking about getting but i really...
  6. chadinsc

    top rack cooking?

    im currently working on adding a top rack to my 700 to be similar to a 1250. obviously i will figure this out soon but just curious what temp variations you guys have noticed from main rack to top rack. also curious if the top rack is still hotter around the front and back like the bottom rack...
  7. chadinsc

    who likes a big rack?

    today i have started on adding a second shelf to my 700. going to make it 16x34. the rack and side slides will be all 304 stainless. figured someone would be interested in my project. when i bought my 700 the 1250 wasn’t and option and i been planning on doing this sense i got the grill, i will...
  8. chadinsc

    how much room is between your top and bottom rack?

    im going to start working on making a second rack for my 700 today and was curious what the distance is from the top of the bottom rack to the top of the top rack on the 1250. also do you think thats the best placement? thanks guys
  9. chadinsc

    your last steak

    If you only could eat one last steak. how would you prep and cook it. For me it would be a simple salt peper garlic rubbed lightly and reverse seared. but i dont have any experience with charcoal and i know the tornament guys dont do reverse seared. so how would you make it.
  10. chadinsc

    full bull!

    shot a pretty nice boar pig this week and turning all the legs into pulled pork tonight. the one leg that is all cut up is an experiment to see how the smoke taste is with more open surface area. also i expected the cut one to cook faster but nope. 6hrs in at 225 when i put the smaller front...
  11. chadinsc

    i got the hottest dogs around

    Tonight we had nathan's all beef hot dogs which are my favorite. i wanted to try to get that classic weber kettle grill marks on the dogs so i put the grill on full. cooked them at 600 for about 10 minutes until plump and they turned out exactly like i wanted. But check out my drip pan, it was...
  12. chadinsc

    what would be the ultimate 700? ideas?

    im about to start working on my 700 and was wondering what would be the ultimate mods? definitely a second or third level rack. maybe a rotisserie mod? thinking about a drop in flat top griddle that goes in place of the drip tray thats taller to come up more to grate height but still leans...
  13. chadinsc

    whats your experience? 3rpm with lid sealed?

    I remember reading about people having temp problems with the 3rpm after sealing the lid. but cant find the thread. i have the 3rpm and would like to seal my lid. i don’t go above 500 so hopefully the seal will stay stuck. do most people have problems with this combination or just a few isolated...
  14. chadinsc

    average cook time per lb brisket?

    i have never cooked a brisket but just bought a 13.5lb one to try out. any rough estimates for cook time per lb on brisket at 225? i know my grill takes 1.75hr per lb for pork butts but im thinking this long thinner brisket may get done earlier than expected. thanks
  15. chadinsc

    she still safe to use?

    So yesterday my grill was off and i noticed i left the light on inside and went to flip it off and got a big spark from the red switch so naturally i tried it again and got another big spark and blew the button off! so i just unplugged the grill. does anyone know if thats a stand alone part that...
  16. chadinsc

    Favorite Barbecue Beer!?

    Whats everyone’s favorite beer? Im pretty simple my favorite is coors original, Budweiser red label, and yuengling lager. yuengling is a dang good beer for the money. my all time favorite was budweiser black crown but it was discontinued. My goto for cutting the grass is busch in the can. i...
  17. chadinsc

    What did you get for grilling?

    I like looking at grill accessories and i bet there are a bunch i haven’t seen. I bet we could all learn a bit from each other if we shared information about what we buy. My most recent purchase is an $11 smoke tube off amazon! I never had one and am excited to give it a try. once i get some...
  18. chadinsc

    I may have overreacted

    so my local lowes had kingsford hickory 20lbs bags for $3.99! so i did what any one would do. i told the guy i will take them! they only had 21 bags which is great but i already had 26 bags at the house of lumberjack and kingsford pellets i got cheap. that takes me to about 950lbs if you count...
  19. chadinsc

    show off your sausage

    i make all kinda sausages from basic breakfast patties to summer sausages to snack sticks like i made today. today i made 13lbs of deer snack sticks. i used leggs seasons which o really like and used 2lbs bacon ends for my fatt. cooked them for 2hrs at 180 then about 3more at 200 for an internal...
  20. chadinsc

    what does bbq mean in your area?

    seems like bbq is largely a regional thing. here in sc when someone says bbq it generally means pulled pork with a dry rub and mustard based sauce. most often cooked with oak wood because its so common. so what is the classic bbq in your area?