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  1. Waterboy

    Modifying GrillGrates for the Bullseye

    I know I’ve seen where someone on the forum had rounded the corners on GrillGrates for a 700 or 590 so they could use them on the 380 but can’t find the post. If anyone reading this has done the mod I’d appreciate any info as to how you laid it out and what you used to cut them. I added a 380 to...
  2. Waterboy

    Bear Mountain at Costco

    For those who want to try Bear Mountain pellets but don’t have them near you I got an email from Costco this morning that had Gourmet BBQ and Bourbon BBQ pellets 40# bags for $24.99 delivered. I usually pay $9.99 for Hickory or Oak at Tractor Supply but Gourmet usually runs $10.99 so for a...
  3. Waterboy

    Weld Issues

    I ordered a Bullseye and When it arrived it had three spots where welds for a bracket had burned through the drum in three places. I called customer service and they sent out another one. This showed up today with fewer burn throughs. I don’t plan to do greasy low and slow cook since I...
  4. Waterboy

    Bullseye Pizza Oven

    Has anyone tried or seen the Onlyfire pizza oven for kettles? There is a YouTube video showing it used on a Bullseye. Looks interesting. I’m not sure it’s necessary as we cook pizza just fine on the Bull but was curious if anyone had tried it.
  5. Waterboy

    700 Tune Up

    I’ve owned my 700 for 2 years now and have really enjoyed producing some really good food from it. I’ve also learned a lot about pellet grills from being on this forum and seeing some of the adjustments and mods folks have done to their grills. A couple of things that have been on my radar the...
  6. Waterboy

    Back to my roots

    My wife and I just got back from a trip to Southern California where I grew up. Thought I’d share a few pictures from a spot that holds many great memories for me. This is the BBQ area from a County park in Santa Barbara County just outside of Solvang. Used to have huge 4th of July picnics...
  7. Waterboy

    Bear Mountain Summer Sale

    Bear Mountain is having a BOGO sale. Use code SUMMER. You can get up to 2 free bags. I don’t know if shipping is included. The last time I ordered from a Bear Mountain BOGO sale shipping was included but I didn’t see anything about that in the email. I thought this might be a good opportunity...
  8. Waterboy

    Kingsford Pellets closeout-Lowe’s

    I was in my local Lowe’s today and saw they had Kingsford Classic, Signature and Maple 20# bags on clearance for $5.99. They are on the website for that price as well (plus shipping). I’ve never used them, are they any good?
  9. Waterboy

    Black Friday Sale Is On

    The sale has started. I ordered a RT 700 as a “Birthmas “ gift for our son (40th) and got a free Matador. Don’t know if there will be more / different deals tomorrow but good stuff now!
  10. Waterboy

    RT 700 Covers

    Just ordered a cover for my Bull. They are back in stock!
  11. Waterboy

    App Set Temp vs. Controller Set Temp problem

    I was doing a reverse seer tri-tip tonight and ran into what I think is a bug in the app. I turned my 700 on using the app, set the temp to 250 and let it warm up. I put the tri-tip on when the pit temp was at 250. Once the tri-tip hit 120 I took it off and used the knob on the controller to...