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  1. Waterboy

    Hopper Sealant/Caulk

    That’s the high temp sealant that RecTeq uses, so it’s normal to see it. As to weather it’s safe I couldn’t say for sure but like you I assume so.
  2. Waterboy


    I guarantee you if your payment had a defect like that they would contact you so yes, you should contact them.
  3. Waterboy

    Saturday's prime brisket

    Wow @agaffer that is expensive. Brisket flats go for that price around here but full packers are $3.99. I got this one at Costco. I’m in Central California.
  4. Waterboy

    Saturday's prime brisket

    Steak is $15.99 vs. prime brisket at $3.99 in our area. I’ll do brisket over steak every time when we have a large group. Besides people can get a steak anywhere, brisket Is usually a rare treat for folks who don’t have a smoker. As for Wagyu it’s like buying @Jim6820 ‘s Ferrari, if you have to...
  5. Waterboy

    Pork butt 10pm and 7am

    They look great. Congratulations to your brother! I wish I’d had pulled pork at my reception 45 years ago.
  6. Waterboy

    New Bullseye owner...

    First of all welcome to the forum. The Bullseye is not a set it and forget it grill, it needs closer attention during cooks (thus no WiFi). Temps can fluctuate quite a bit when you open the lid. The longer you have it open the greater the temp swing. Not a big deal when you are grilling but you...
  7. Waterboy


    Welcome. If steady temps is what you are looking for you’ll be happy. I’ve gotten many a good night’s sleep cooking briskets and pork butts. Enjoy the 1250 and keep as posted on your cooks.
  8. Waterboy

    Careful what you ask for...

    I have iOS ver. 2.0.6 and I can tap the temp setting number and type in the temp I want. You shouldn’t have to slide anymore on iOS, unless you want to.
  9. Waterboy

    Prepping to Sell Bullseye Looking for Opinion(s)

    @BillsCamo my family thinks food off the Bullseye is considerably better than off the gasser. Even at hot temps there is a wood fired (not necessarily smokey) flavor that you don’t get from a gas grill. I will say the gas grill fired up faster, shut down quicker, and had more cooking space but I...
  10. Waterboy

    RT-340 or a 17" Blackstone for camping

    I agree @RecTecTom. From pork ribs to breakfast to pizza, we’ve done it all on the bullseye when camping. The grandkids always ask for pizza.
  11. Waterboy

    RT-340 or a 17" Blackstone for camping

    We take our Bullseye with the Base Camp and love it. We have a Fifthwheel and I haul it in front of our hitch With a towel betweeen the grill and the back of the bed. Our RV came with a rear rack that attaches to the hitch and I’m working on a solution to haul the Bullseye on that.
  12. Waterboy

    Wild temp swings

    You might try adjusting the minimum feed rate. If your feed rate is set to high the grill can have a hard time holding steady at low temps. If you decide to adjust it search YouTube for “RecTec minimum feed rate adjustment” and they show you how.
  13. Waterboy

    I put it to y'all .... What Ice Cream goes best with Smoked Salmon (or any Fish) ?

    We have an asparagus festival near us every year and guess what they serve…it’s a big hit.
  14. Waterboy

    Pork belly and bacon

    @FF Cory i agree with @Greg Jones post #8. Cut the belly in half and make bacon from one half and ”burnt ends” from the other half. Best of both worlds from one belly.
  15. Waterboy

    Second cook on my RT1250! :)

    They look great. Don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure if you offered them for dinner you’d have plenty of takers. How did you and yours like them?
  16. Waterboy

    RT 590 new owner need advice and help!

    Maybe it’s time to see if the phone numbers for Ray and Ron still work.
  17. Waterboy

    The RT-1250 Newbie Thread - Updated 05/24/2022

    I do both. Most of the time I just pull out any klinkers (I rarely have them with Bear Miuntain) and enough ash to make sure the pot can get oxygen through the holes. A few times a year during deeper cleaning I vacuum and drop a few pellets back in. Just try not to vacuum too many pellets out of...
  18. Waterboy

    Giving Chuck Roast a shot for Burnt Ends

    @Bbqallday80 cooked his straight thru to 205 while you said you pulled and wrapped at 160 (you don’t mention what the bark looked like) then you were done at 190. What I would recommend is to cook it until it is probe tender regardless of temp. Once probe tender then cube, doctor them up and put...
  19. Waterboy

    Grill Grates for dummies??

    I ended up getting a Bullseye as well. I was going to trim my GrillGrates from the 700 to work on the Bullseye but my daughter is getting into grilling on my old Weber Summit so I gave them to her. Just picked up new set for the Bullseye.
  20. Waterboy

    Grill Grates for dummies??

    I haven’t done skinless so not sure but I’d do a flip every three minutes then check the temp with an instant read thermometer after flip # three to see where you are. Adjust your cook from there and you’ll be pretty dialed in for your likes in a cook or two.