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  1. ken g

    Rural King

    It appears the Rural King stores are no longer selling Lumberjack pellets near me (Middle Tennessee). They are selling "Rural King BBQ Pellets". Anyone tried these pellets or know who is manufacturing them?
  2. ken g

    Beef Neck Roast

    Never knew the cut existed until I was gifted one. Plan to cook low and slow like a brisket. Any alternate suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. ken g

    Brisket Sale in Middle Tennessee

    $2.99 lb for USDA Choice Whole Packers at Kroger.
  4. ken g

    All Nighter

    What a beautiful night to stay up and cook. Crickets singing, full moon and the humans all asleep. Two on the 590 and one on the Performer with a Fireboard 2 Drive and Viper fan. Should be boring.
  5. ken g

    Weber and Traeger going public Thoughts?
  6. ken g

    Interesting pit temp discovery.

    I have long suspected the temp being reported was a bit too consistent to be true. Just for giggles I put my ET372 in next to the ribs on right side of the grill to get a feel for what was really going on in there. Temp was set at 230 for duration of cook. The ET372 has revealed temps are like a...
  7. ken g

    Help on Boston Butt

    I need a ballpark estimate on how long a 3lb Butt will take to cook if wrapping at 150?
  8. ken g

    Don't turn your back.....

    Saw this on the Rec-Teq Insiders on Facebook today. Hillarious.
  9. ken g

    Shipping speed

    My ignitor failed last weekend. I contacted RecTeq customer service and they sent another unit out at no charge. Problem is, it's taking 6 days to travel the 400 miles from their facility to my front door in middle Tennessee via USPS. Am I being too critical or is that just plain a_s slow?
  10. ken g

    Meat probe port reporting incorrectly

    Yesterday I noticed that the A & B probes were reporting temps about 18-20 apart. Thinking I had a defective probe, I performed calibration procedure with boiling water and my ThermoPop instant read thermometer. A port was reporting 90 degrees while B port was reporting 197. Thinking it was a...
  11. ken g


    First attempt at this concept. Was a bit sweeter than I prefer, but still good. Recipe from Smoking Meat Forums.
  12. ken g


    Tried a recipe from a friend. Wings marinated in Zesty Italian Salad Dressing overnight. Smoke at 225 for 2 to 2.5 hours and enjoy. Needless to say, no leftovers.
  13. ken g


  14. ken g

    Extra shelf

    Anyone try using a Smokenator Hovergrill as a second shelf in a RT-590 (Stampede)? It has 240 sq/in of surface. I have one used with my Weber Kettle. Thinking about doing a dry run with thermometers to ascertain what temp difference there is versus the lower grates. Any input would be helpful.
  15. ken g

    Amaz-n Tube placement

    I bought the expandable 7" tube with intent to increase the smoke flavor on my cooks. I placed it on the cook grate next to the door on my Stampede and smoked a rack of baby backs. I could detect no increase in smoke flavor using Lumberjack Hickory pellets in tube and grill. So my question is...
  16. ken g

    Burnt ends & Alarms

    Todays menu included burnt ends from a chuck roast. Smoked it on Xtreme Smoke for 1 hour then brought it up to 225 until it reached 155. Added 1/4 cup of beef broth, wrapped tightly and cooked until 203. Removed from smoker, sliced and cubed the meat and finished in electric skillet. This is...
  17. ken g

    First Sub-Freezing Cook

    I am doing a mid week cook of 3 racks of baby backs. Ambient air temp of 24 degrees at start of cook. I am utilizing the welding blanket method to trap heat. Will advise as cook progresses.
  18. ken g

    Pellets differences

    I decided to change fuel from the Rec Tec blend that came with my smoker to Lumberjack Apple Blend for today's cook. My RT590 was running 245 degrees in low smoke mode with the Lumberjack pellets. After messing with it for a while, it dawned on me that different pellet brands may have different...
  19. ken g

    WiFi is a cook savior

    I am extremely grateful for this feature on my Stampede. Last weekend I have a medical emergency near the end of a cook with 2 briskets and 4 racks of ribs. Needless to say, I am freaking out over losing everything. WiFi saved the day allowing me to monitor meat temps and having a friend come by...