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  1. Mr. Clean

    For Sale For sale Bullseye griddle and sear plates

    I would do $75 shipped on the griddle. PM me.
  2. Mr. Clean

    For Sale For sale Bullseye griddle and sear plates

    For sale Bullseye griddle brand new, I now have a blackstone. Out of stock at rec teq. $65 + shipping. Need a zip for shipping quote. 22x22x4 and 18 pounds to Florida Ups ground showing $25 Rt 700 sear kit. Used once, can be used on a bullseye with a little grounding/rounding of the plate...
  3. Mr. Clean

    For Sale RT-G450 Matador for sale in Surprise (PHX) Arizona $150

    I have used the Matador 3-4 times and was gifted a Blackstone, so no longer need this. Local Pick in Surprise AZ. $150
  4. Mr. Clean

    Worth buying bullseye for grilling only?

    Yes, it’s worth buying a bullseye for grilling.
  5. Mr. Clean

    Chilean Sea Bass

    I was in Florida for the holidays and cooked grouper and salmon on a Weber Smokey Joe and cast iron pan. I did them both blackened. Basically just heat the cast iron until it’s smoking, add butter and throw the filet in the pan👈🏼 I was cooking 2.5 pound filets and it took about 12-15 minutes...
  6. Mr. Clean

    GMG pizza oven is awesome
  7. Mr. Clean

    GMG pizza oven is awesome

    Had great success with this recipe and using that style pizza pans on the Bull.
  8. Mr. Clean

    Beer Can Chicken Myth?

    I brine whole chickens for at least 12 hours and then use the beer can stand. I use half full soda can and cook at 375 degrees, using my Thermapen and Fireboard probes get the perfect temperature of 165 for some yummy juicy chix. I have not done spatchcock method, will try it soon but will...
  9. Mr. Clean

    Ready for Winter...

    Bear mountain pellets, have had great success with them.
  10. Mr. Clean

    Kicked from FB group

    I know this is a crazy concept but two things. 1. Facebook sucks. 2. Facebook sucks. Recteq forum does not suck.
  11. Mr. Clean

    Bullseye modifications

    Chris G, Smoke em if you got em, LOL I have a die grinder, but why not go riot mode on the Weber?
  12. Mr. Clean

    Bullseye modifications

    Just did the Weber performer conversion, about an hour and it’s done. Hardest part was finding the right priced Weber.
  13. Mr. Clean

    First cook with Bullseye and Bull

    First screenshot on Low, you can see the fluctuations from 200 to 250, run time was an hour. Second screenshot, 225 degrees, 209 to 262, ignore the drop off and spike, that was me moving the probe to the Bull. Third shot is the Bull, very steady temperatures, now I can fine tune from here. I...
  14. Mr. Clean

    First cook with Bullseye and Bull

    Took the plunge and got a Matador, Bullseye and Bull, they arrived Thursday. Last night broke in the Bullseye, 400 degrees for an hour. Then made the mistake of trying to season the grates with Bacon. FIRE!!!!! Lesson learned or so I thought. Today time to do chicken thighs. Bullseye set on...
  15. Mr. Clean

    Grease Fire

    Had a grease fire last night….should have read this thread.
  16. Mr. Clean

    B-380 Lid Hinge

    I just assembled my bullseye, I tightened the screws and the lid did not fully close, backed off the screws about a half, 3/4 turn and the lid closes nice and tight, will adjust again now that it is burned in.
  17. Mr. Clean

    Fireboard 2 and Thermapen 1

  18. Mr. Clean

    Fireboard 2 and Thermapen 1

    Best process is the 2-2-1 like ribs, internal temp 155 :)
  19. Mr. Clean

    Fireboard 2 and Thermapen 1

    Wanted to give feedback on these two temp tools. They arrived yesterday and I used them on my $140 Home Depot Charcoal grill to cook a pork tenderloin. My 700, bullseye and Matador are going to be delivered today. I use Royal Oak lump and some hickory chunks and with the Fireboard ambient...