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  1. ndfan6464

    Close the lid or leave it open when turning off the grill?

    I leave it open to cool off faster.
  2. ndfan6464

    Where to place 12 pound brisket on RecTeq 1250?

    You'll be fine. Just toss it in and go. Don't spend so much time thinking about it. You don't think about your hot spots in your oven, do you? The smoker is the same thing. Going to have highs and lows. The meat is going to cook. Too many people stress over this high and low spot. Again YOULL...
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    Looking for a 3rd party cover

    Search this topic and you'll find a TON of answers
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    Temperature flare

    In my experience with huge temps swings it's been the cause of two things. 1. Ambient temps being high. 2. Long cooks. 13+ hours. With long cooks I believe that cause of the ash build up in the pot it just acts basically like a campfire. Ambient temps. Being here in the south, it's hot. And...
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    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    Nice! When I get home I'll have to order one and give it a try.. Thanks for reporting back with your experience
  6. ndfan6464

    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    Did you put the mix in the smoke tube?
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    My 590 blew up tonight

    This is a good example of why I keep my lid open when I shut it down.. Glad you all are okay..
  8. ndfan6464

    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    Okay that's what I figured. But better to ask than assume..
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    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    Sorry for not replying back to you all. Been a busy week. Anywho, ton of great information has been give on this thread. Just the kind I was hoping to get. As for getting the tube started do you just toss it on the great with the meat and it'll smolder on it's own or do you prelight it and...
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    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    Cool. So pretty much nailed down the outcome of using it and how. Now, is there a brand you recommend or are they all basically the same?
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    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    I really appreciate everyone's input on this. And @Wslayer, you are absolutely correct. Just good to hear what others think of it, their experience and how they use it. It's all great info and thanks for all the links. I'll check them out tonight when I am sitting in front of the noise box and...
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    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    I would think it would add more smoke flavor to it. Iam crossing over from stick burn and I miss the heavy smoke flavor...
  13. ndfan6464

    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    So far what I am getting is that it really doesn't make a big difference unless your smoking cheese
  14. ndfan6464

    Whats the real skinny on smoke tubes?

    Looking for the low-down dirty skinny information on smoke tubes. Are they worth it, do they actually add more smoke flavor, what brand do you recommend? So let me hear it.
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    First Pork Shoulder Smoke was a Success, But...

    A small hole for your prob isn't going to hurt the cook. Ash is normal. Your burning wood so its going to happen. The same thing happens when using a stick burner.
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    Brisket Point Question

    There's no wrong or right way of doing it, as you see. The way I like to do it, again this is just me, I smoke it whole and when I get to the stall and before I wrap it, I separate the two sections. Unfortunately if you wrap it you won't be able to hide the sliced end. If you leave it...
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    So to pull or not to pull??

    5 degrees isn't going to make much of a difference when it comes to smoking meats. It does when cooking other ways..
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    Memorial Day Cook Advice

    With 13 lbs I would still start at 10pm heck even 9pm on Friday. I've had butts that size take well past 24hrs and into 27,28 hrs. Then hour to rest... I don't shred until it's time to eat.. I know some shred and go.. Even if you have to reheat it a bit, pork is forgiving and easy to reheat...
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    So to pull or not to pull??

    So my 2 cents. Pulled pork is is usually again I say usually done around 203 +/- a few degrees.. I've had some that are done a 200 and ones that are done at 205+ Time, the protein will tell you when it's ready. Like other said, time per pound is just a gauge to help you plan for done time...
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    Does anyone else’s 590 look as clean as mine?

    Spend more time cooking and less time cleaning... Mines close to yours.. I bought the smoker to cook with not to just sit and look pretty.. I clean the drip pan and vacuum the ash, that's it..