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  1. orangebiker

    Favorite bbq sauce?

    According to my boys, it's great. They prefer homemade, but when that isn't happening, SBR wing sauce goes on their sandwiches, pizza, tots, etc. Homemade for us is butter, crystal hot sauce, O&G powders and worchestershire. Nothing against Franks, but Crystal is our go-to.
  2. orangebiker

    Favorite bbq sauce?

    SBR cut with ACV with a bit of cayenne is our go-to. I Made meathead's KC masterpiece recipe, and it was the best homemade I'd had. I keep a bottle of it in the fridge. I like Paducah, KY style sauce (Western Kentucky) on pulled pork, but no one else in my house does, so I don't make it very...
  3. orangebiker

    What is your favorite fish to smoke?

    Totally agree. I didn't eat salmon until I started catching salmon. Store bought vs wild caught is truly night and day. It's been months since I've eaten it because we ran out! I guess it is time to head north. Tuna, on the other hand, seems to be ok as store bought. We smoke a lot of that...
  4. orangebiker

    Need an IR thermometer? ThermoWorks has them on sale today!

    Thank you for the heads up! I already have one of those - use it to check temps on the Wyldeside. I picked up the Signal for a nice discount instead.
  5. orangebiker

    What have you cooked lately in your RecTec?

    Pulled a 14ish# brisket out of the freezer Wednesday. Rubbed it Friday morning with my own concoction -BKBBQR - and put it back in the refrigerator. Put it on Reqs at 8pm Friday night. Woke up Saturday morning, and wrapped when the i.t. was ~160, and let it cadillac while we went to rugby...
  6. orangebiker

    Which would you go with?????

    Rec-tec every time. Those are good pellets. I buy smaller bags of flavor specific pellets for a smoke tube. even that is only used a little bit of the time.
  7. orangebiker

    Outdoor kitchen ideas and implementations?

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine! I think the key to being happy at the end is obsessing over every little detail now, while you're planning and designing. as far as ventilation, since mine is open on all 4 sides, I use a ceiling fan to make sure the smoke doesn't just hang out...
  8. orangebiker

    Pork Butt

    if you ended up waiting until this am to start, you can wrap those rascals, and bump up the heat once they've been on for a few hours. It'll speed things up a bit. The bark might not be quite as good, but if hungry LAX players are anything like hungry rugby players, they won't mind.
  9. orangebiker

    What’s everyone cooking in their Recteq for Easter

    Lamb turned out fantastic, and the ham was "the best I ever had!" according to my father in law. Used the leftover lamb for stroganoff last night (big hit with my boys) and the ham is going into school lunches each day. I used Meathead's Dolly's rub on the lamb and a riff on recteq's maple dijon...
  10. orangebiker

    What’s everyone cooking in their Recteq for Easter

    Ham on the Bull and a lamb roast on the wyldeside.
  11. orangebiker

    Best Sous Vide to get started with?

    I have the insta-pot version. I think I went with it because of price and reviews. I like it, I use it a lot, and it's never failed me.
  12. orangebiker

    Probe grate clip

    Mine shows up tomorrow. I'll let you know how it survives the next couple weeks. The in-laws are coming, and Reqs will see some heavy use!
  13. orangebiker

    Word Game: Drop a Word... Keep a Word

    Toy Story
  14. orangebiker

    First Low and Slow EVER

    Something to be said about the thermal mass of those big smokers too. Even if you're only checking every hour or 2, the temp drops a ton in our smaller smokers, and it takes that little firepot a little longer to pull it back. just one (of many) thoughts about the art/science of smoking...
  15. orangebiker

    First Low and Slow EVER

    Usually an hour or more in a cooler wrapped in towels. It's still too hot to touch when I start to pull it.
  16. orangebiker

    First Low and Slow EVER

    You'll love that pb low and slow. not only is it more tender (IMHO) i think the flavor is better because it all cadillacs in itself for so much longer.
  17. orangebiker

    Giveaway: RecTeq ICER 45 QT Cooler

    Tues entry
  18. orangebiker

    Giveaway: RecTeq ICER 45 QT Cooler

    Count me in!
  19. orangebiker

    Giveaway: RecTeq ICER 45 QT Cooler

    How can you lose!?
  20. orangebiker

    Public Service Announcement: Watch your assh.

    I wipe my ash after every use. Thank goodness I've never had to use a dustpan on my ash! -but seriously, a thick layer of ash definitely helps to insulate the bottom of the barrel, and likely helps with temp swings.