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  1. Wslayer

    Pork Pork Butt- 300 degrees? (ok for faster?)

    Couple hrs low temps so decent smoke profile and crank it up . Butt does know what temp it is. Can get done in 6-8 hrs depending on size.
  2. Wslayer

    Need cover help!

    Quality covers here. Have two of them.
  3. Wslayer

    RT 700 Box Dimensions

    My guess would be less than 48" width, between pickup wheel well or they wouldn't be selling many other than deliveries. Not gonna fit in smaller SUV.
  4. Wslayer

    Newbie Questions

    That could be, I had 1 - 4° off. Use reliable secondary in ice water also until temps match.
  5. Wslayer

    Looking to purchase an RT-590, question about having it on a balcony

    Sue happy world caused this..protect your ass . . .
  6. Wslayer

    Looking to purchase an RT-590, question about having it on a balcony

    Personally wouldn't do it, but that's just me. When I roll mine out (or electric ) onto patio or driveway, I always have it at least 3' from house or garage.
  7. Wslayer

    Pulled Pork - To Wrap or Not?

    No wrap, no spritz, keep the lid closed. Just adds additional time to your cook.
  8. Wslayer

    RT-590 or Traeger Pro 575?

    Like my 590 but if was doing again, I would lean this way
  9. Wslayer

    Ticking Noise

    Scoop out most of pellets, shop vac, inspect, carry on !
  10. Wslayer

    Looking for nice looking larger diameter wheels…

    Macs Tractor Supply Store Menards Harbor Freight Amazon Edit: could always switch them all with 6" & 8" , 2 swivel, 2 solid, or all swivel. Many on Amazon
  11. Wslayer

    Grilling Pellets

    Cheap pellets usually equates to heavy ash also.
  12. Wslayer

    Detailed exploded view of RT-680?

    Nice work, that thing looks excellent. Not a bad idea sending in a refurbed pic to RT, never know.
  13. Wslayer

    Detailed exploded view of RT-680?

    My guess with that little nipple on there, it keeps space between hopper and CC, maybe for heat reduction ?
  14. Wslayer

    Outdoor kitchen ideas and implementations?

    I would most definitely have a tabletop style griddle ( Blackstone ) with cover built in.
  15. Wslayer

    Pork Butt

    That and adding cold meat back to the smoker.
  16. Wslayer

    Is there anywhere on req rec site to post reviews?

    I agree with @Greg Jones , YouTube would be the place to air out your displeasure in a complete review of the owners RT. It is kind of a shame that company's sort through reviews and don't post anything that is not favorable to their product. But I guess if people are gullible enough to believe...
  17. Wslayer

    Is there anywhere on req rec site to post reviews?

    Doesn't do much good to post here as they don't operate this forum.
  18. Wslayer

    700F on the 1250? Sear better?

    IMO it takes to long to get to searing temp. Blackstone or torch much easier option
  19. Wslayer

    Vac sealing newb question

    Weston is very reputable. Brother has and really likes it. I opted for the Vacmaster 360. Basically a commercial unit. Has the extra wide seal. Approx. $300. 15" wide bags Edit: I didn't care for the extra attachment for bag roll on back of Weston
  20. Wslayer

    Fire Pit Recommendations I know , more dedicated for cooking than firepit. But would be very nice.